Stephen Hawking's Time Travellers Party

Regarding Stephen Hawking’s party for time travellers - in which he sent out invitations after the fact - does anybody know who he sent these invitations to? The story refers to paper invites but I can’t find names, or such, as to who, or where, they were addressed to. Thoughts please?

He added it to one of his books.

“By publishing the party invitation in his mini-series Into the Universe With Stephen Hawking, Hawking hoped to lure futuristic time travelers. You are cordially invited to a reception for Time Travellers, the invitation read, along with the the date, time, and coordinates for the event. The theory, Hawking explained, was that only someone from the future would be able to attend.” -

Thanks heaps my good man!

But you see, this is where Professor Hawking went wrong: by publishing the fact that no one from the future attended this party, no time traveler would make the journey back through time to attend - because they already know they didn’t. :smack:

IIRC, when I first heard about this time traveler’s party, Hawking was still keeping it to himself whether or not he got any visitors from the future. It was much later that it was revealed nobody came.

The first thing I’m going to do when I get my time machine is to visit Hawking’s Party. Forget murdering Hitler, this is more important.

Did anyone already have attended yet?

I plan on going last Thursday. Depends on my schedule.

No you are not. Because you already didn’t not will have gone.

Who wants to go to a party that no one will have gone to? How boring that will have been.

I hear Dr Streetmentioner will have been turning up.

So who’s going to stop me?

Hitler is going to come forward in time to stop you.

Given the fact that because of the very real possibility that time travelers could create a paradox, they most certainly would limit their experience to observation only with no interaction whatsoever. So, in my mind, the fact that there were no guests at the party proves nothing one way or the other.

Perhaps there WERE guests at the party, but those guests told Hawking if he tells people there were guests, the universe would explode?

I was just going to say that. But now I know I didn’t.

See how this works? :cool:

But if you go to this instead of killing Hitler, WW2 will happen and your grandfather will die before meeting your grandmother making you not exist and so be unable to attend the party. You’ve got to think these things through.

On th other hand if you do kill Hitler, then the mother of and father of the inventor of the Hawkings favorite hors d’oeuvre (a bologna, cheeze wizz, and marmite tart) survive, and that is all he serves at the party. So maybe it’s all for the best.

In a couple of years, I’m going to his earlier party in the summer of 79.

Not 1979, btw.

It was a gas.

I already did am.

You’re assuming they care, or that paradoxes are possible to create. I personally lean towards the multi-verse theory, so anywhen I go I just cause a new branch. Of course, getting back to my original starting point is probably impossible, but not sure I’d want to do that either.

Just keep jumping until I find a world where I’m a success and it rains donuts.