Stephen King's new book "Under The Dome"

Anyone bought it yet? Read it? Have any strong opinions on it? After I finish the Thrawn Trilogy and the Book of Basketball I’ll be looking for a new book and it’s been a year or so since I read any King. I haven’t really heard anything about the book yet and it’s a little unusual for a King book to fly under the radar like this one has seemed to.

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Let’s keep the spoilers to a bare minimum and boxed for a while since the vast minority of people will have not read the book since it’s brand new.

PS - Just realized I misspelled Stephen…grr, can a mod help me out here?

I’m picking it up today and getting right into it. I’m hearing it’s going to be another more epic work like “It” or “The Stand” so I’m really kinda excited about it.

Mine’s on its way from Amazon. Should be here any day, but I haven’t read any reviews, so I’m going in blind. I usually do anyway, though.

Looking forward to it.

I have to go to Wal Mart today to return something anyway. If I see it there, my hubby’s buying it for me for my birthday. He just won’t know it until I put the damn book down and take the time to call and tell him he bought it for me! :wink:

I read the NY Times review. I can’t tell if the reviewer liked the book or not. Other reviews from fans who had ARCs have been positive but without any detail, since the book isn’t out yet.

I’ve never met a King novel that I didn’t like, at least while I was reading it. Sometimes after finishing I’m scratching my head and nitpicking, but I always enjoy the ride.

I got the “Your order has shipped” e-mail last night. I’m guessing it will be here Thursday. (Tomorrow is Remembrance Day.)

I haven’t read any reviews, either. I hope it’s okay.

I read that review, too. That guy needs to have a restraining order against him saying that he can not come within fifty yards of a thesaurus. For those of you who haven’t read the review, here’s the opening sentence:

I have an unquenchable urge to beat the reviewer senseless with a copy of The Elements of Style.

As to King’s book, I’m looking forward to it. I haven’t been a huge fan with most of his more recent stuff, but this one seems to be more “epic” in that it has a large cast of characters and many story arcs. He’s very good at that.

Holy crow, that sounds good. I hadn’t even heard it was coming out.

Thanks for this thread! I went to the bookstore at the mall at lunch, and read the first few pages. It grabs you by the hand and snatches you!

It’s gonna be good. I wish I wasn’t back at work. I didn’t dare bring it in with me - I’d be too tempted to read… :wink:

I’m kicking myself today. I bought the book at Amazon in July with the intent of having it in my hot little hands on the very day it came out, and somehow mucked matters up so that I won’t have it till next week! You’ll all be done talking about it when I get back. :frowning:

They had a multi-page excerpt printed in Entertainment Weekly a couple issues ago. Just a modest taste, but enough to whet my appetite.

Two Men Enter! One Thing Leaves!

Yep. That sounds like the King I know and love! :smiley:

Holy crap. That is the worst review I have ever read.


I’m a member of the Stephen King Library, so they’ll be shipping me the book in the next few weeks or so.

“Circumambient?” Let me find a Webster’s Unabridged and I’ll join you. We’ll surround him.

Bring the hardback.

I realized I never posted a link to that review. Here it is. Great googly moogly, that’s bad writing. If you can get through all the purple prose, it does give you a synopsis of what the book is about.

But the NY Times book review is allmost an artwork in itself. James Parker has written something so bad that it should be taught.


Gaaacckkk! That guy should be forced to live in the backwater, red-neck part of WV I live in, where, before his sentence is up, some Good Ol’ Boy will shoot him dead for the monster he surely is, underneath his “human” suit.

I’m about 100 pages in. It starts with a bang, or rather a crash and pulls you right into the story. It’s a HUGE, sprawling epic novel and he’s taking his time building up the characters, which is great. I’m loving it so far. It’s easier to get into than Duma Key was but it’s definitely not the same sort of story. It’s much more like “The Stand”.

Only complaint so far–it’s so big and bulky that it’s making my wrists hurt when I hold it up while reading in bed. :eek: