stereo speakers

I’ve never been able to figure out what those little tear-drop shaped thingies you can somtimes see on stereo speakers are for. Are they just adhesive run-off, or do they actually have a purpose?

Umm, could you maybe be a little more specific? I’ve got speakers, but I have no idea what pear-shaped thingees you mean. Is it glue coming out of the case maybe? Or is it an internal component of the speaker itself?

Well, if you take the fabric (plastic, metal ect…) cover off the front of the speaker, you will usually see two tear shaped blobs on the part of the speaker that actually does the vibrating, you can find them better on larger speakers

That is where the wires that go to the coil are glued to the cone. If you look around back, you can see the wires.

My guess is that they are the connections for the wires that go to the coil on the cone.