Stern Fans - Wack Pack Madness!

This is standard “madness” format - pick your favorite of the two Wack Packers listed. The winners will move on to the next round.

I know the list is skewed toward newer Wack Packers - I’ve listened since the early 90’s, but have much clearer memories of the newer members.

The seedings are my own judgment. Anyone missing who you think should be in - sorry, not enough space.

If you don’t know who one of these people are, go here.

Not sure how many entrants I’ll get, so I’ll wait 48 hours or so before posting the results and the next round.

Have fun!

Howard Bracket

  1. Beetlejuice vs.

  2. Hate Man

  3. Crackhead Bob vs.

  4. Nicole Bass

  5. Sour Shoes vs.

  6. Blue Iris

  7. Joey Boots vs.

  8. Bigfoot (The new one, Mark)

Robin Bracket

  1. Eric the Midget vs.

  2. Ass Napkin Ed

  3. Crazy Alice vs.

  4. Siobhan the Transsexual

  5. Mariann from Brooklyn

  6. King of all Blacks

  7. Double A

  8. High Pitch Erik

Fred Bracket

  1. Jeff the Drunk vs.

  2. Will the Farter

  3. Andrea, Miss Howard Stern vs.

  4. Captain Janks

  5. Daniel Carver vs.

  6. Evil Dave Letterman

  7. Elliott Offen vs.

  8. Gary the Retard

Artie Bracket

  1. Hank the Angry drunken Dwarf vs.

  2. Jeff the Vomit Guy

  3. Wendy the Retard vs.

  4. Kenneth Keith Kallenbach

  5. Mark the Bagger vs.

  6. John the Stutterer

  7. Fred the Elephant Boy vs.

  8. Yucko the Clown

Have fun!!


Howard Bracket

  1. Beetlejuice

  2. Nicole Bass <-- darn tough choice

  3. Blue Iris

  4. Bigfoot (The new one, Mark)

Robin Bracket

  1. Eric the Midget

  2. Crazy Alice

  3. Mariann from Brooklyn

  4. High Pitch Erik

Fred Bracket

  1. Jeff the Drunk

  2. Captain Janks

  3. Daniel Carver <-- while evil dave cracks me up, putting Carver’s idiocy on display is an example of Stern’s brilliance

  4. Elliott Offen <-- another darn hard choice. But I gotta go with the elegant gangster…
    Artie Bracket

  5. Hank the Angry drunken Dwarf <— R.I.P.!!

  6. Wendy the Retard

  7. John the Stutterer

  8. Fred the Elephant Boy <-- My pick to win the whole thing.

Wow - lotsa Stern fans here, huh?


Alright! I get to choose the whole thing myself!!! :slight_smile: