Steve & Barry's - Going Out Of Business Sale

I just got back from the Steve & Barry’s Going Out Of Business sale. If you have one of these near you - WOW!

T-shirts are a BUCK. Nice varsity-style jackets are 3/$10. It helps of you can wear small or medium sizes, but there are other sizes if you sift through what they have. I can’t report much on the women’s or kid’s sections, but it looked like they had a lot of the Sarah Jessica Parker line for 3/$10.

They still have a lot of completely random college shirts - good if you know someone out of town. I found shirts for people who would wear shirts from Wash U (St. Louis), Hofstra, WV and Illinois. They had lots of other, completely random schools (Rochester Institute of Technology, for example).

I got 2 huge bags of clothing for under $20. It’s cheaper than Goodwill!

They rocked. The pants fall apart pretty quickly, but the polo shirts have proven to be durable and really worth it. Also, they had some winter coats the compared favorably with surplus stuff at about 1/5 of the price.

We’re gonna miss this store.

I stopped at one in Indianapolis on the way home to Columbus on Wednesday. I got a pair of khakis and two pairs of the Amanda Bynes jeans plus a fun collection of tee shirts for about $25. Plus two pairs of shorts for the SO for three bucks. I wish these stores weren’t going away, I really liked the SJP Bitten jeans and accessories.

I wandered into one just before Christmas–it was positively apocalyptic.
The checkout line stretched to the back of the store, the floor was totally covered in cast-off pieces of clothing and littered with broken hangers, and the music was much louder than usual. The few employees that remained were all at the registers. Everything else was madness.

This store was already to the point where it was selling the shelves and fixtures to the public. (Anyone want a 200-lb ugly laminate coffee table? Only $150.) The former shoe department was cordoned off and filled with all of the furniture waiting to be picked up, and even the velvet rope itself was SOLD-$30.

I just wandered around for a few minutes, boggling at the carnage and wondering whether I could use a whole wall of T-shirt cubbies, but I didn’t stay long, for I dislike Steve & Barry’s clothing almost as much as I hate rabid crowds.

I had never heard of the store until recently. An acquaintance did most of his holiday shopping there. There isn’t any in my state, but I live on a border, and there is one in the next state over. They sound like great deals, but I don’t think they’re worth the travel.

That’s what my wife and I did. Went in, saw the horror (like a little tornado had made its way through the entire store–crap everywhere), spent a few minutes looking at said crap until I couldn’t take it anymore and had to leave. It was really disgusting. I’m sure we could have found a couple of things we liked, but it just wasn’t worth it.

I’m sad.

I shopped there all the time.

Their Wooly Bully winter coats were a steal.
I liked their khakis, too.