Steve Irwin (the "Crocodile Man") reported dead in a marine accident

This has just appeared on the Sydney Morning Herald website:


What an amazing way for him to die. He must have been awfully unlucky as stingrays not only don’t attack, they don’t even actively defend themselves. Usually you can only get stung by standing on one. What a bummer.

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But given the way he likes to grab and manhandle the various creatures that he’s displaying, it’s not a surprise that he’d be bitten/stung/devoured by one eventually.

That said, I’m still not sure if I believe it all or not. The SMH article is the most in-depth one I’ve seen. The rest are all “he’s been reported dead, and the rescue services are confirming a body, but not saying if it’s his”. And that’s about it.

Do we all assume he tried to grab it and show it to the camera? If ANYBODY could be killed by a stingray/croc/snake it’d be Steve. Not that I won’t miss the bloke, but who can really say he’s surprised?

Damnit this sucks if it is true.

This source notes him as actually having the barb go through his heart…How horrible for his family :frowning:

CNN Confirms:

He leaves behind a 2 year old daughter I believe.

I think she’s much older than 2 actually…and he has a son as well.

This is really really sad news… I was already kind of mopey tonight… His poor kids.

Isn’t he the guy who messed around with crocodiles while holding his infant child?

The CNN and BBC websites are running the news now.

Damn. It doesn’t feel like he can be dead so soon. :frowning:

Not a shock, I guess, but that’s a shame. He was a guy who obviously really liked what he did, and it’s hard not to like a person with that kind of enthusiasm.


What a weird way to go, though.


I would bet a great deal of money he was messing with this stingray. Or didn’t head a warning or two. He was a great guy to watch on tv but he pushed his boundaries with animals everyday of his life. Not glad to hear it but no suprise.

This is upsetting me far more than it should.

He was my daughter’s first celebrity crush. She will be heartbroken.

Steve Irwin was always a colorful individual. There’s no doubt that his escapades were entertaining and always fun to watch, and that he did a lot of good for the Australian Zoo, where he worked.

So long, Steve. You will be missed. As you would say, crocs rule.

Oh man… what a downer! I’ll miss him, the idiot.

[South Park]Right! I’m gonna sneak up on that stingray, and shove my thumb up 'is butthole! Crikey! He’s REALLY pissed off now![/SP]