Steve Jones U.KS.F. and nine R.A.F. personell let down by their country.

After an inquest that lasted thirty days on the deaths of Steve Jones, acting lance jack,S.A.S. signal squadron and nine R.A.F. flightcrew killed when their C130 was shot down in Iraq the Coroner said that their deaths were the result of serious systematic failures on the part of the R.A.F and the M.O.D…

Apart from not passing on intelligence that two U.S. helicopters had been fired on in the area earlier in the day the Herc. was not fitted with explosion suppressant foam,probably for financial reasons.

The British taxpayer can afford to pay for lazy fucking,physically fit, permamently unemployed scum and their hoards of kids but we cant afford E.S.F. which the Yanks have been using since Vietnam.

You couldn’t make it up.

It’s not supposed to be a combat aircraft. There’s lots of things it doesn’t have.

That’s not the point.

As L4L quite rightly says, the British taxpayer forks out millions to support idle bastards who milk the system for alll it’s worth and in some cases have the fucking audacity to say that they are not getting enough.

Instead of pandering to these bastards, the money they get could be used to protect our troops

It is an aircraft designed and designated for use in active war zones not an airliner.

Say what you like about my ex, but do you have to drag my daughter into this? :frowning: