Steven Hawking and God.....

Did Steven Hawking ever mention the existence of a “Superior Being” being a possibility?

Just gotta know,

He’s an athiest I think, but he doesn’t condemn God’s existence, either. I was surprised to hear this since he bears many resemblences to Einstein, who was a definite believer in God.

I seem to remember him making reference to God in some of his dialogues, but not in a religious way; physicists often seem to use figurative devices like this, for example describing the big bang as the ‘God Moment’ - it sounds impressive in magazines.

Neither Hawking nor Einstein believes in the Judeo-Christianity God. Einstein explicitly wrote about his religious beliefs in Out of My Later Years, which is a compilation of his (short) writings.

His wife of thirty years, Jane, was a Christian. According to her, in Music to Move the Stars: My Life with Stephen, he was contemptuous of her faith, having had a “firm atheism” drilled into him by his mother, Isabel, a Communist Party member in England in the 1930s. They split up when he began an affair with one of his nurses, Elaine Mason, in 1989.

Lib it’s pretty easy to access Hawking directly, if you really give a shit about what he actually said as opposed to what has been published and peer revieved.

Yes, I have personal email addy for Steven Hawking - I’m more than happy to ask him to respond to your questions if yoou are willing to acknoledge his scientific achievments.

Einstein did not believe in God as most people would define God. He was an atheist / agnostic. He simply referred to the order and harmony of the universe as “God”. According to this definition, everyone could be said to believe in God (including myself, an atheist).

Well, according to Einstein, he was a pantheist. “I believe in Spinoza’s G-d”

having an affair with Stephen Hawking. How, why … perhaps I better not know

Wouldn’t that make him an agnostic, not athiest? Or do I understand these terms incorrectly?

Right, as in God=Universe.

He was purposely obtuse.

I read an interview with Hawking by Renée Weber. He told her, “If there’s an edge to the universe there must be a God.” He said he expected there was no edge to the universe, and he was out to prove it, so as to eliminate God.

S----n H-----g has deluded himself into believing that he is God. :stuck_out_tongue:

On the other hand, he lately has come to believe that a networking of the world’s supercomputers will soon take his place. :smiley: