Stevia. Does it interfere with sleep?

Just started drinking a soda with stevia rather than aspartame. 1 at about 5pm.

Have had trouble sleeping the last 2 nites. Anyone else notice this?

That would be the ricin.

I beg your pardon? Please elaborate.

WebMD doesn’t mention insomnia as a side effect -

There are many sites that list insomnia as a side effect, but some also say it causes brain tumors and bad hair, so that doesn’t prove much.

LiveStrong mentions anecdotal accounts of insomnia, but again, that’s not really data:

Any chance it’s a higher caffeine content than you’re used to, rather than the stevia?

Thinking perhaps, caffeine is listed as an ingredient, but not as a percentage, but hard to think it’s more than Diet Coke.

What brand of stevia soda are you drinking?

I switches to Zevia, which uses stevia and erythritol, and I haven’t noticed a difference.

I use stevia and have never noticed this, whether it was commercially prepared or I grew it myself.

Sorry, pop culture reference. Wasn’t serious.

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Bad taste in your mouth might interfere.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the formula were a bit different, though. Stevia does not taste the same as other sweeteners, not even remotely. It’s not just bitter, it has an actual taste to it.