Sticky Situations you've found yourself in?

So many of them to choose from…

Well here’s one:

Last year I was working on a rather large job. (I’m in the construction biz, btw.) Anyway, we’d rented a Bobcat (it’s like a mini-bulldozer), for part of the job. Upon completion the job, someone from the rental company came to pick up the Bobcat (with a pickup truck and a little trailer hitched on behind). He parked uphill (-now mind you this road went downhill at about a 30 degree angle into a lake).

So while I’m driving the Bobcat onto the trailer and lowering the bucket - the trailer leans back and unhitches from the truck! Now I’m helplessly sliding backwards towards a lake, pitched on top of a little trailer, with a multi-ton machine! Luckely, my boss ran over and engaged the safety brake on the trailer before I ended up in the lake. Close call.

Driving through western Virginia (not West Virginia), I encountered a sleet storm coming out of the mountains. Driving down twisty/windy highway 52 headed for the NC border, I find myself sliding downhill on ice. I notice the curve at the bottom of the hill with the missing guardrail slowly approaching. I had about 10-15 seconds to stare forward and say “pleasestop pleasestop pleasestop pleasestop …”. I stopped just at the edge of the 40 foot drop. One more foot and I woulda been a goner.

Less harrowing tale: While helping a friend carry a washing machine up to his 3rd floor apartment, we got about have way up when a fly decided to land on my nose. I couldn’t free a hand to shoo him away or the washing machine would take a ride down a flight & a half of stairs. Also due to the machine I couldn’t wipe my nose on my shoulder either. And the little head shakes I was able to manage only caused to fly to momentarily lift off and then land back in the same spot. I quickly learned to hate that fly.

About two weeks ago I was driving west on I-88 through New York to visit my parents for the weekend, and it was snowing. I’m cruisng along east of Oneonta got the radio blaring and there’s a light snow falling. I come over a rise in the road and laying out before me is more flashing lights than you can shake a stick at, Sherrifs, ambulances, Troopers, tow trucks, EMTs, Road flares…Huge accident in the median and the road was diverted to one lane in either direction.

I am still about a quarter mile from the scene and I apply light pressure to my brakes to slow down, after about 30 seconds I realize I’m not actually going any slower. I looked down and my spedometer read “0” and my dash board was lit up like a christmas tree…Apparently my brakes had locked, and my engine stalled when I braked.

Fortunately the road was straight, because I blew through the accident scene at about full speed just silently gliding along on the sheet of black ice… I put the clutch in relased the brakes and the wheels started to roll…I started the car and continued my happy motoring…

My Next car is going to have ABS.

well, once my SO and I were feeling kinda frisky and we opened this can of Hersheys’ syrup and… oh wait, that’s not what you were asking for is it?

Heading up north in Reed City MI (very tiny town) in a Corvair (remember unsafe at any speed?), hilly region, lots of snow, sparesly populated farmland, my friend Ginger and I were on our way to pick up Shelia. We come to the top of a hill, hit an ice patch and go sliding. when the car finally came to a halt, the left rear tire was hanging over a ditch, the left front was barely on ground, the right front was the only one on pavement. Another small amount of space, and the car would have flipped into the ditch. This was also pre seat belt days.

We started walking down the road, hoping to find a farm house or some way we could call to get help. Finally saw a house, went up to the door, knocked…
and found the only other person we knew who lived in Reed City (she also went to MSU).

Well, just the other day I decided to dress up, to look nice for a change.
I had on a peacoat and a pretty burgundy hat with a rose in it- I looked like either a young 80-year old lady or a lady from the 1930’s.
And my boy called and asked if I would come over after work that evening.
My boy’s living space is less than desirable. One of his qualms is his roommate, a 46-year old red-faced man whom my boy has NEVER seen leave the house. The man is there when he leaves for work, he’s there when he comes home, and when my boy switchd to a third-shift job, that man was STILL ALWAYS home.
It makes us both uncomfortable because this guy spends most of his time in his room and we can hear the hiss of endless beer cans being opened and BAD BAD BAD music playing incessantly.
Well, I was following my boy up the stairs to go to his room and the 46-year old red-faced roommate was in the bathroom and the door was open.
I found it repulsive.
The 46-year old red-faced roommate who lives with a bunch of 20-something year olds saw my boy and grinned.
I noticed that he was missing his front teeth, which contributed nicely to the child-molester persona.
He didn’t see me behind my boy, and he handed my boy a video and said
“Hey, I got something SPECIAL for you, heh heh heh…”
Then he saw me-
Looking Ultra-Ladylike, about as ladylike as I ever look, actually.
“Oh! I better give this to you later…heh heh heh…”

The nature of the video was so obvious that nothing really needed to be said.

This was a sticky situation, but I felt bad because I thought my boy might have been embarrassed so i tried to think of something to say.

“The fact that he was missing his front teeth just painted a perfect picture for such a scene.”

I couldn’tthink of what else to say, but I wanted to sound nonchalant.

Besides, I don’t really care if my boy has an extensive library of pornos, but I wasn’t sure that that was what he wanted to hear.

in another life, i died in the great boston molasses disaster. whoops, wrong thread.

Ok…during High school I was kicked in the face during a soccer game…there fore the chic that kicked me dislocated my jaw…I had the choice of leaving the game and going to the hospital…I said no…so my coach punched it back into place again…
2 yrs later…I was having “fun” with my boyfriend at the time…and well, I kinda forgot that I had (and still have) a really bad case of Lock Jaw. So after about 10 min. of giving him some lovin…well you guessed it my jaw locks…and it will not shut! So while we are running around the house…trying to shut my mouth…my mom comes through the door…she already knows what is going on…so while I am slapping my mouth shut…she is giving my boyfriend at the time comments on how to have fun without locking anything…
the end

To change the topic from life-and-limb-danger sticky situations to emotionally sticky situations, I present the following

I had been single for a long time, and was feeling quite lonely. I eventually, through the good folks at, met up with a lovely young lady with whom I began going out on dates. I realized almost from the start that this relationship had no long term future, because she just didn’t have many of the qualities that I look for in a romantic partner. However, I had (as mentioned) been single for a long time, and she really adored me, and heck, being adored is really really nice, as is having someone to wake up next to, so the relationship kept going (the fact that she is a basically sweet and cute person certainly didn’t hurt). While this was going on, however, she started developing really serious health issues that caused her to frequently be in a lot of pain. This caused her to drop out of school for a while. So I was older, better educated, healthier, and had far more money than she. All of which made the relationship totally unbalanced in many ways. I ended up feeling more like her big brother than her boyfriend. But she continued to more or less worship the ground on which I stood.

Eventually I knew that I had to break it off because it wasn’t any good for either of us, but it was incredibly hard, because she was so (unhealthily) dependent on me, so I had to hurt her terribly, and I don’t like hurting people. So, long story short, I broke up with her, which seemed (to her) totally out of the blue. She then stopped talking to me completely (not surprisingly), and got into an incredibly unhealthy and self-destructive relationship with another guy.
The postscript: A year or so later I called up to say hi, which apparently triggered such massive jealousy on his part that she finally moved out. Now she has a job she likes, is applying to colleges to finish her degree, has a new boyfriend she really likes, and she and I have lunch from time to time. (Oh, and her health situation is under control.) So it all worked out… but still, having to break up with her was without any doubt the most painful experience of my entire life.