Still More On The Zappa-greenjeans Connection

RE: Carlo’s response to this column:

RE: Was Mr. Greenjeans Frank Zappa’s father?

Dear Cecil:

I hope Carlo researches Jeopardy questions more thoroughly than he did
this issue. Because there is actually no thematic relation between
“Orange County Lumber Truck” and “Son of Orange County”. The first clue
would be evident had your esteemed commentator actually listened to the
music. While “Son of Mr. Green Genes” is in fact related musically to its
namesake predecessor, the two Orange County songs are as different as
apples and… orange ya glad I didn’t say banana?

Fact of the matter is, “Orange County Lumber Truck” was so named because
The Mothers’ bass player, Roy Estrada, used to drive a truck for, yeah,
you guessed it… the Orange County Lumber Company, which still exists.

“Son of Orange County”, however, is strictly a Nixon song. First of all,
as you know from your Jeopardy questions, Nixon was born in Orange County.
That literally makes him a son of Orange County.
Also, check the words to the song:
And in your dreams
You can see yourself
As a prophet saving the world
The words from your lips
I just can’t believe you are such a fool

If those lyrics seem familiar, it’s because they were lifted and re-worked
from the Mothers classic, “Oh No”, also from the “Weasels” album.
Therefore, “Son of Orange County” is actually far more closely related to
Zappa songs such as “Dickie’s Such an Asshole”, and it’s relation to
“Orange County Lumber Truck” must be seen as coincidental.

This is all really easy Zappa stuff. I hope that someday you’ll address
the REALLY HARD ones, like what does “RDNZL” really mean?

Thank you for your attention to detail,
Patrick Neve,
Well-to-do Oregonian Party Giver