Stimulus package, off again, on again, on again, off again... WTF?

Whiskey tango foxtrot? Over.

This, Stimulus latest: Trump tweets halt negotiations, meaning federal help for millions is not coming anytime soon

And this, Trump abruptly scraps stimulus talks, punting on economic relief until after Election Day

Trump is realizing he’s going to lose, so no reason to help Biden out on the economy.

(However, a Democratic Congress and Biden will pass it anyway, but it will have to wait until next year.)

While Trump then get with ONAN, I mean OANN, disparaging any effort to fix what Trump broke 24x7.

When he puts out a tweet saying stimulus is off, then waits a few hours and says stimulus is on (with conditions), you can safely assume that certain somebodies made a lot of money in the stock market very quickly. It’s almost like maybe they knew this was coming. Naaah, couldn’t be! The SEC would never allow it.

OK, that makes sense.

They’re acting like the $1200 checks are still off, even though trump tweeted that he would sign a bill for them. It sounds like now the airline industry is going to be focused on instead of checks for individuals or even beefing up unemployment payments.

Wouldn’t be surprised if airlines are given a buncha money and are allowed to make stock buybacks and lay off thousands of airline workers, even though “saving airline workers” is supposed to be the fig leaf for this move.

Lol. The Master Negotiator strikes again!

Jake goes further in this morning’s Politico Playbook:

Also, more people have filed for unemployment in 2020 than voted for Donald Trump in 2016:

I’ve discovered that, if I remember the man has no compassion, empathy, or moral compass, it is rather easy to predict what he will do in any situation. His “values” are saying and doing anything that will benefit himself first and the people who pander to him secondly.

And, realizing that he is going to lose, no reason to help out the American people.

Let’s not forget the possibility that he is bull goose looney, even more so now that he is on mind altering drugs.

Altering a favorite proverb: never attribute to random insanity what can more readily be attributed to greed.

Some Trumply entity is totally front-running these tweets, short selling before a tweet is released that will tank the stock market and buying back before a favorable tweet is released a few hours later.

Yeah, seems like mood swings to me.
He just said that he wants a package bigger than the Democrat’s proposal.

I do hope they’ve temporarily lost the launch codes.

It’s an expression of a lifetime wish for a bigger package.

Didn’t he also say he beat Biden in the second debate, a debate that hasn’t even happenened yet, a debate he canceled?

That dude is not only a loose screw. He’s screwy.

Beyond absurd.