Sting makes 2k a day in royalties from "Every Breath you take"..

Wow. And that’s just one song…from the early 80’s no less.

This from 60 mins 2.

Boy am I in the wrong business.

Holy crap! Still? Amazing.

And he still feels the need to do commercials?

What about Andy Summers, and Stewart Copeland?

The bulk of royalties go to the songwriter, not the performers.

Was that song picked up for something that is syndicated?

Must be from all those couples using it for their wedding song.
It makes such a lovely wedding song. :rolleyes:

What, you don’t think stalking is romantic, BiblioCat?

Don’t forget the Sean Combs ehhhh Puff Daddy eeehhh P Diddy cover.

every breath you take is on an amazing amount of compilations, plus still gets heavy airplay around the world on many radio stations.

Is that all? At one point, Andrew Lloyd Webber was making $1,000,000 A DAY from his works. It’s only around half that now.

“Get your money for nothin’ get your chicks for free”

How much money a day do the people using it make: combined that is?

That is amazing. Is he the highest anount per day? I wonder how much Sting makes a day for his entire collection of songs.

Even still I wonder what Paul, Michael “the Freak of Pop” Jackson and Ringo (perhaps to a lesser degree) make per day from the Beatles? Not including any solo works of course.

Well, that’s $730,000 a year, which in a weird way sounds less impressive to me than $2000 a day.

Given than “Synchronicity” is among the most famous and popular albums of its time, that “Every Breath You Take” and the other songs on it still get a lot of airplay and still sell albums, that it’s been sampled in various hip hop songs, and that “Every Breath You Take” in particular has been used in TV shows and movies and such, been on various 80’s and New Wave compilation albums, that it’s in every karaoke playlist in the world… I dunno, it doesn’t surprise me at all.

We all know rock stars make a ton of money, and here we’re not talking about some semi-forgotten Level 42 hit, we’re talking about one of the most famous and popular songs ever recorded. I’d say Mr. Sting is just getting what he earned. Who didn’t know that having a mega-platinum album sets you up for life?

Errrrmm… cite? That’s a LOT of money.:eek:

I blame George Bush.

Doesn’t Michael “the Freak of Pop” Jackson own the rights to most of the Beatles songs?

And a big wet Pppbbbbttth to twickster. :wink:

Hey - my dad stalked my mom right into marrying him. (Seriously)

I guess I can believe the $2,000 per day thing - good thing too - Sting probably needed the cash when he was going through that weird cowboy thing a few years ago. (He’s much better now.)

No cite, but composers of musicals get “grand rights” every time the show is performed. When you think about CATS and Phantom (which has grossed over a BILLION dollars), it’s an astonishing amount of money.

When his last album came out I saw Sting’s agent (Niles Copland?) saying something about the “urgent” need to make sure people heard it, hence the decision to do that Jaguar commercial. Because, you know, otherwise he might not sell any more CDs & his 18 kids might starve. So tough living on the fringes.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who has that reaction to that song. shudder