Stinky Medicines

Whenever I get an upper respiratory infection (which seems to be 3-4 times a year–blech), my doctor prescribes antibiotics and decongestants. The decongestant pills are horse pills, and they smell terrible. And after I’ve taken two doses of them, my pee & poop start smelling like the decongestant pills. My question–what is in the medicine that has that nasty smell, and why does it make my bathroom stuff stink the same way?

In the same situations my doctor usually prescribes something that is a combination of pseudoephedrine and guaifenesin. In the generic pill form it kind of smells like sour milk to me, but I hadn’t noticed the bathroom effect. You can now get the stuff over the counter as Sudafed non-drying formula. This comes in gel caps and doesn’t’ have a smell, that I’ve noticed.