Stock: Are there any stocks where ownership gives progressive authority?

Basically, it seems that ownership of common stock in a company gives you the right to receive dividends and vote for the board of directors and possibly other company-shattering decisions. It generally doesn’t allow you to make lower level decisions by fiat, give you discounts on company products, give you unrestricted access to company facilities for personal use, or give you a raise or promotion if you also are an employee, or guarantee you a job with the company.

Are there any stocks (or similar ownership interests) where this is so? E.g. a company where employees can “challenge” their bosses to a stock duel over policies, companies where ownership of e.g. 1000 shares guarantees you a job, 20,000 shares guarantees you a position in management or a minimum salary, and 100,000 shares guarantees you a corner office and executive salary, or a company gives a 5% discount on company products for each 1000 shares owned, up to a maximum of 50% off, or ownership of at least 5000 shares allows you to “borrow” company cars for personal use at no charge?

No. For any number of reasons, including, not least: (1) a company with such an erratic and wasteful form of management would almost certainly flame out of business in no time flat, and (2) the IRS takes a dim view of business asset being misappropriated for the personal consumption of the owner, since business losses are tax deductible but personal expenditures for one’s own consumption are not.