Stock market crash and lost lives question

Okay I did a little research and found this:

August 30, 2002
Dear Cecil,
After the 1929 stock market crash, did investors really jump out of windows?

You can read Cecil’s answer on the provided link …

Wall Street and the financial system collapsed in October, 2008, but no suicides that time.
My question is simply this … Do you think it will happen again?

Do you want to rethink your assumptions?

That’s some link Telemark as I was reading it a big graphic splash of blood appeared out of no where (on the web page supplied, yuck)

How about this one:

Wall Street and Suicide

So, could it happen again?

Economic downturns lead directly to increased suicides. I think that link is going to hold in pretty much any future economic downturn. So yes, it will happen again.

Just in case something goes wrong Monday December 19th … Here’s a good thread to read: "How well do you think you could weather a “bad break”?

Don’t forget that this time the bankers were made whole. No one else was though.