Stocking Stuffers Suggestions for my wife - please help

Any little elves out there want to provide some assistance? We have decided to do stocking stuffers this year, but have placed a limit of $25 total on items in the stocking. I have practically zero ideas for my wife’s stocking, other than some candy and such.

She is 29 years old, a stay-at-home mom, we have a 19-month-old son and one on the way, due in July. I’d like to be able to get a few little things and then round out the stocking with the aforementioned candy. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Here are a few things :slight_smile:

One of those little tiny hardcover books that say how you feel about her. You can find them at the cash registers at major book stores.

A bottle of body spray. Not perfume. You can find this at most stores (like ShopKo, Target, Walmart, Kmart, Fred Meyers) next to the bath salts, body wash, lotions, etc.

A pretty-colored shower lather thingee. You know, the ones that are made out of scrunched up net material. They’re soft and body wash lathers up so nice in them. I use one all the time. (well, not ALL the time…just when I’m in the shower)

Depending upon where you live, but gloves. Those little stretch-to-fit-any hand $1.50 gloves. They come in all colors.

A little guardian angel pin. They always have a cute little poem with them and cost hardly anything.

Go to a stationery store, and buy a sheet of pretty stationery. Write her some prose (or if you just can’t, find something pretty on the Internet) and write it out on the sheet. Coming from a woman, trust me - this will mean so much.

Hope this helps. If you still need more ideas, let me know.


I love bath stuff - sea salts, bubble bath, back-scrubber brushes, sponges, etc. Check out Bath and Body Works or The Body Shop. They have lots of small stuff that would fit in a stocking.

Does she do arts ‘n’ crafts? You could get her some pens or colored pencils, stamps…

I also like getting goofy stuff in my stocking. My husband went to the dollar store one Christmas and got me a baby Etch-a-Sketch, a Santa Claus Pez dispenser and a bunch of pens with Disney characters.

Hope this helps!

Many thanks to you both, Jazz and Cant. Some good ideas, and you jarred my brain loose from a slump. Made me remember she used to have one of those scented “eye pillows” so she could sleep while I was reading in bed, and is in need of new one. The bath and body type suggestions also gave me the idea of foot lotion, with a promise of many foot rubs (“I got my technique down man, I don’t be ticklin’ or nothin.”)

And I’ll throw some of the goofy stuff in instead of just candy.

Any other suggestions are very welcome and appreciated.

How 'bout:[list]
[li]bath salts - little cubes, lightly scented, only about $0.25 each[/li][li]nail polish in several vivid colors[/li][li]tiny little stuffed animals[/li]bottle of massage oil, with note saying you’ll do the massaging. :wink:

A keyring with lots of neat assorted keys on it.

A handful of diamonds.

.45 ACP ammunition

Cute, cuddly heartworms.

The last page of several great novels.

Loose Razorblades.

A mystery syringe with a little note “Inject Me!”

I have more if you need them.

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Don’t forget a little stuffed animal, a book of coupons you make yourself, for foot rubs, a night of doing the dishes, taking care of dinner one night, just neat things like that, ( do not make a coupon for anything you can’t/ won’t do) just make sure you do them when she asks. Warm slipper socks.

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I’d suggest one of those ornaments from Hallmark that have room for a little picture. Put in a picture of you and your child, or even just your child - preferably in a Christmas outfit from last year. Years later, every time you hang that ornament, you’ll remember how cute your little one was, and who gave her the ornament.

One of those little tiny books from Barnes and Noble (like 2x2inches big) about love or babies. Write something sweet inside the cover :slight_smile:
PS- If she puts her hair up at all or uses hair barettes, etc the “Cosmopolitain” and “Seventeen” brands (Wal mart, Target, K-Mart) are the best by far. Nice stuff and they last a long time.

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–Those magnets where you can punch out the middle to make a photo frame for the fridge.

–Scented candles.

–Include some coupons of a day or a weekend of you watching the kids so she can go out and relax and/or you taking the kids out so she can relax at home if you do the coupon thing.

–“Funky socks” (this is on my sister’s list every year)

–if the stocking is big enough, one of those “Quote a day”, “Cartoon a day” etc. calendars.

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Get her a brush that can poof her hair, or maybe some perfume or deoderant for “down there”, to tell her how much you really, really love her.


Um, she really wants unwashed, dirty socks? Oh, wait, that’s not what you meant, is it? :slight_smile:

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Last year I went to bath and body works and got my wife some scented massage gel, massage lotion and massage oil (all the same scent). They have stuff like vanilla, cinnamon, lavendar (whatever that smells like), etc.

An inexpensive computer game.


Sexy lingere.


Sex toys.

Favorite music CD. Manneheim (sp) Steamroller is real good for Christmas if you do not have any.

Video tape.

Various books.

Thats all for now.


How 'bout a lump of coal?

Fill it with deodorant. Know the Down There kind that sannibel mentioned, include a note that has only the word “hint” on it, and to top it off include a tape of the “Coochie Stank” episode of Bob & Tom. She’ll love it!

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Ophanim, I’m glad someone else picked up on that! The LAST think I think should be a stocking stuffer for some you love is a can of FDS. “Dear sweetie, this is for the days when your pussy just aint right! Love Cletus”

When I was working my way through college in Medical Records at a hospital, one of the female records clerks would spray her chair with it. On the day shift, they would take her chair and put in the closet because of the funky stench.


Thanks to all who have provided helpful comments. To those who have provided other forms of commments thanks anyway, glad I won’t be showing this to the wife. She might not go for your sense of humor.

To those who still wish to provide suggestions, one warning, the dad-in-law will be with us Xmas morning, so nothing too risque will go in the stocking. Maybe as a surprise early or late gift.