Stop abbreviating White House, shitheaded press!

Do you know how fucking bad I want some hash browns? Do you even care that I get severely worried every time I think the Waffle House is concerned over the failed bailout? What am I going to do if the waffle house goes under, because those underperforming monkeys in Washington and New York can’t get their shit together?

Listen, press, I don’t have high hopes for you. New Media ripped off the filter that let you say “you know what, this is unimportant bullshit.” I get that. I don’t expect much anymore. When you show me moron hikers stranded in a blizzard, I don’t get angry. I just change the channel to comedy central, the real source of news. So don’t say that my pathetic cries for journalistic integrity are outdated and arcane.

But it’s patently clear to any fool with a stomach that the Waffle House is in every way the superior House. It’s superior to the House of Burgesses, the Pancake House, the International House of Pancakes, the House of Representatives, Take It To the House, House M.D., Mark Houser, Brick House, and House Music.

Now spell out the whole thing and stop reminding me that I can only afford a peanut butter and jelly sandwich when there’s delicious hash browns just down the fucking street.

Jesus fuck.

Just replace Waffle House with White Head. That oughta quell your hunger a bit.

That’d be Whitehall street, near where the Poodle used to live?

Smothered, covered and diced, man. It’s the only way to go.

I agree WH*!

*Whole Heartedly

An abbreviation that annoys me is how the traffic reporters talk about a major highway near here as “I-35W”. They say “Double-U”. That’s two more syllables than if they don’t use the abbreviation.

I would fully believe you if you told me that the traffic reporter didn’t know what the ‘W’ stood for.

Must be near DFW. And yeah, the “W” is for “west” as opposed to “east” BUT, it’s confusing, if you happen to think I-35 runs east/west instead of north/south :stuck_out_tongue:

I live in Dallas, and everybody I know says either “Thirty Five West” or “Thirty Five East” except for traffic reporters. Weird.

But the highway is named I-35W. It’s not “I-35 west”. In fact, “I-35 west” doesn’t make any sense, since it’s a north-south highway. The traffic reporters are correct in referring to it as “eye thirty-five double-U”.

One of them stands for “up”, and the other one stands for “under”. But it’s really hard to understand what the hell that means, so they just say “Double U”.

They need to be scattered first, unless you like 'em cold.

And diced? Treason! Scattered, smothered, covered and chunked is the Only True Way!

Scattered is implied.

Chunked is the hash brown serving method of the DEVIL!

Douglas Adams once pointed out that “World Wide Web” is the only term he knew of where the abbreviation takes 3 times longer to say than what it is supposed to abbreviate.

Oh, man, I wish there were a Waffle House in my town. I got some hashbrowns “all the way” on the way back from Denver last month. I miss Waffle House.

I think I will take my visiting relatives to the Waffle House.

If the OP thinks the WH abbreviation is like torture I suggest to send a letter to Amnesty International House Of Pancakes.*

*Tip to the hat to MST3K **

** Mystery Science Theater 3000. :slight_smile:

Waffle boarding is torture!

Actually, it is I-35W(est).
When I-35 splits I-35E goes towards Dallas in the east & I-35W goes west towards Fort Worth.


Wuh Wuh Wuh