Stop calling me!I don't even know you!

Over the last week or so,we’ve gotten several hang-up phone calls from Illinois.I did a little research on the internet and it turns out that one of the ph.numbers (we accidentally deleted the others from the caller id but assume they are all from the same person/office as the area code and first 3 digits were all the same) calling my house is from this guy:

[addy removed. --Gaudere]

I found a website and an email address and asked him as politely as I knew how to please stop calling me.I don’t know him…have never heard of his company…heck…except for when we drove to Michegan this past summer have never even BEEN to Illinois. I guess I"m feeling a little paranoid because my ph.number is freaking unlisted and I’m trying to figure out how the heck these people got it or what they want it for.:eek:
I don’t know who they are but I’d really love it if they stopped calling. On my caller ID it comes up out of area with the ph.number and we never pick up because we don’t know who it is.I’m wondering if the next time they call I should pick up and tell them to stop calling me because I don’t want whatever it is they freaking have.
I need a drink. This is seriously freaking my ass out.:frowning:


You know, posting people’s addresses will probably get you banned.

Just saying, is all…


Thanks,Esprix.I was unaware of that little factoid. But this is making me VERY paranoid because I don’t even know what these people want with little ole me.


A few hang up phone calls and you’re already paranoid? No need to fret so soon. We get a dozen or so random hang up calls a month (our number, however, is not unlisted).

There are quite a few legitimate reasons this could be happening. Most likely someone with a similar ph. # transposed a digit here or there on some business-related document. Could be a fax machine trying to call you rather than a real live person.

Have you tried to call them back? Did anyone pick up?

Sending an email might not be enough, as the person receiving the email may not be the one trying to call you, or may not even be aware of anyone trying to reach your number.

Unless you’ve got some clandestine operation or are wanted by the government, I wouldn’t get paranoid just yet.

Jet–darn tootin I’m paranoid. I wouldn’t be so paranoid if the area code and first three digits were local numbers but because they are so far away I am seriously creeped out.:eek:Because we don’t have long distance (and are loathe to use a 1010 #)we haven’t called them back. I am hoping that the email will do the trick and we won’t hear from them again.

I am not lucky or clever enough to be running a clandestine orginization nor am I wanted by the government…at least not that I’m aware of anyway.:slight_smile:


Jesus H Christ! Just pick up the damn phone and say “stop calling, please.” How hard would that be?

Millward Brown Inc is a Market Research company.

Their job is to call people and ask questions about products and services that you might use. It was probably their autodialer calling you. No big deal.

I got a call from them a while back about chocolate bars. I answered a few questions and they asked me to come in for a group interview. I got $80 for chatting about junk food for a while with a couple of other guys. :slight_smile:

Oh thanks,MrWhy. I was seriously afraid they were going to oh…I dunno…call me and then find out where my house was from the ph # and come and kill me because of some unknown reason.whew
Growing up in a gang-prone area makes you very nervous,I guess. To this day, I am still careful not to wear a red,blue,white or yellow bandanna anywhere on my body out of the house and every time I hear a car backfire I tend to crouch or hit the floor.

I still don’t know how they got my ph #.:confused:


IDBB, an unlisted number and seventy-five cents will get you a cup of coffee. A small cup.

First, having your number unlisted works only if everybody involved is totally honest…which is not particularly common.

Second, a war dialer doesn’t care whether your number is listed or not. It just starts at XXX-0000 and works up to XXX-9999. I get telemarketers calling my fax machine (yes, making voice calls to it).

There are various things that can be done, from the wholly righteous and legal to tricks that would get me banned if the mods knew what I were thinking. Having a drink is not one of them, however.

Well, I know we got our number unlisted in the first place because we were tired of getting solicitor phone calls. Then came the Texas No-Call list,which we signed up for immediately and it cut down on probably 80% of the solicitation ph.calls we were getting. I am a little less paranoid now t hat I know that they are a research company.
<takes the coffee and runs>


Don’t worry. They probably don’t have your number.

They would just be calling (123) 456-0001, (123) 456-0002, (123) 456-0003, (123) 456-0004…(123) 456-9999, and you are in the middle somewhere.

Not very sophisticated, but that’s marketing people for you. :wink: *

*I work with our Marketing people all day, so I’m allowed to pick on them. In fact, it’s required.

That’s exactly why I’m tempted to buy a Telezapper(which I’m not even sure really works). I don’t want those kinds of ph. calls at all.:frowning:

Telemarketing sucks sheep balls,FWIW,IMO.