Stop laughing at me when I am taking a shower.

I was taking a shower this morning and I heard this laughter coming from in the bathroom. Not a continuous laughter, just once in a while. You were enough to annoy me. To make me want to seek you out and rip your little head right off your little body.

Didn’t anyone ever tell you its not nice to laugh at others? You may be banished from the bathroom forever, and maybe the house.

Damn Nemo toy in the bathtub, anyway.

Um, right … “Nemo toy.” So that’s what you call it.

I didn’t think you’d mind that i put a video camera in your Nemo and that laughed when i caught site of your. . . posterior. I’ll turn off the speaker next time, k?

hmmmm, yeeeaaaah. site = sight.

Hey, he’s a clownfish, he’s supposed to laugh at you.

It’s those creepy mimefish that only pretend to swim through the air that should be banished to the murky depths.

I wouldn’t laugh if I saw you in the shower. I might giggle lasciviously tho… :eek:

I thought you were still in the hot tub mistee.

Whose unmentionables am I touching???