Stop. Think. Homicidal rampage: Tylenol ads

This new Tylenol ad campaign(pdf) is driving me batty. Telling me to Stop. And Think. It’s rubbing me in all the wrong ways. We have radio ads reminding me to think after stopping. The television ads are quite pointedly instructing me to halt and consider. In print, I’m free to punch the media bringing my the orders and I take full advantage of the privledge.

Who’s with me?!

I think this campaign is cleverly designed to give you a headache. It’s surprising they haven’t thought of this earlier.

I think that’s always been their plan.
Headaches, headaches
Those aspirin commercials give me headaches.
Just when I’m feeling chipper as you please
That’s when they show me all my sinus cavities!

Alan Sherman.

This ad campaign is an attempt to keep from getting slapped with a class-action suit from the families of all the people who have died when they took too much Tylenol and destroyed their livers.