Stop Throwing Money At Me!!

Since I’ve been laid up with tonsillitis I decided to finally stop lurking and come out into the open.

This is inspired by the thread which I now can’t find about cashiers throwing change.

As a veteran cashier I have the routine down cold. I’m fast, polite and can engage in conversation during a transaction. Really I’m a damn good cashier.(I don’t plan on making a career out of it, its just an easy job to come by)

Anyways my latest counter jockey gig is at 2 liquor stores owned by the same guy. One is an upscale wine/high end liquor/Import beer store, the other is more so a neighborhood place. The one thing that seems to be the same at both places is a large amount of customers who throw money at me.

I don’t mean they put it on the counter, they actually have take several bills and sometimes some change and toss it in my general direction. Even with my hand out ready to take the money from them. Hell just set it down on the counter, I’ll take that over having a mashed up wad of bills thrown at me. Even worse is when they have change mixed in and it ends up on the floor.

I do have two responses for this though
#1-push wad of money across counter to customer and say “now lets try this again like an adult.”
#2-Throw change back to customer with a big smile while saying “have a good day!”
I don’t like doing either of these but it does seem to help cut down on people repeating this.
Come on customers, Is it that hard to hand over money properly?

There I said it,and it feels good. Now if only I could eat something besides soup I’d be alright.

Looks like it goes both ways.

Yeah thats the other thread I was talking about. And for the record I always hand the change to the customer, coin first.

I hate that. I want the coins on top. You put them on the bottom and they wind up all over the floor.

Just the opposite for me. Hand me the change, let me put it in my pocket, then hand me the bills. Change on top of paper inevitably ends up with spilled change.

No you got it all wrong, with the coins on top of the bill as soon as you move your hand they’re all over the place, on the bottom you can get a good grip on them. Obviously you’ve been doing it wrong all these years :wink:

Do you have a hole in your hand or something?

I don’t have a job. Please throw money at me.

I’m a problem. Please throw money at ME.

So, I guess the OP isn’t thinking about changing his occupation to “Professional Stripper.”

Now, why would you want to throw money at a stripper? I find it much more enjoyable to carefully and securely insert the bills into…
Well, I think everyone gets the idea.

…and that is why the dollar coin will never replace the paper one in the US.

Oh, I dunno. Coin. Slot. You do the math.

Just don’t pay with a credit card. Bouncers are not friendly people.

That’s the way I like it as well (coins first). It’s especially difficult when I get the bills first and coins on top of the bills when I’m at a drive through. In my low Civic that means I have to try and control the spill to land in my other hand.

It’s the germophobes’ fault. :smiley:

Was this a joke or something?


Nah, though it was something of an exaggeration; the change doesn’t always get dropped, but it happens and when it does, it’s annoying. It’s just a peculiarity of the way I’m used to taking the change. I do it on autopilot, so to speak, and if the cashier puts the change on the bottom, it trips me up. Most cashiers hand me my change coins on top, IME, so that’s what I’m used to.

haha yeah I saw this thread and I came in hoping it was that stripper starting another fight. You guys are lame.

The op’s nick has "woody’ in it.