Stop trying to give me a seizure!

Did someone seizure OP?

Goddammit, apotheosis!

Now I’ve got to waste the next half-hour cleaning the Dr Pepper off this keyboard.





This is what I meant to post. It took an ungodly amount of time to go through. I didn’t want to create a multi-thread, so I quietly backtracked to the forum list, saw it at the top, and foolishly assumed it had gone through intact.

Going again.

I don’t mind pop-ups. I hardly see them; I just close them as a matter of course. What I do mind are ads, pop-up or otherwise, that flash at me! I have seizure disorder! I don’t need something strobing at me while I’m trying to read Fox Trot! I don’t want to wake up in the ER because you were trying to advertise your fucking online casino! And I won’t even know that that’s why I had a seizure, because my memory will have been wiped!

[sub]Jeez, I wondered why I hadn’t gotten any notification…[/sub]

Ad-aware is your friend. It reduces all the ads onscreen into cute little red [Ad] tags.
Whoa, hey, the preview page doesn’t have any ads on it.

Of course it doesn’t HAVE to be cute little red “ad” tags. You can have it display any image you like in place of the “ad” tag. Mine is a 50’s stop sign.

** Rilchiam** I totally feel your pain. I also have a seizure disorder. When I used to play Bejeweled over at the MSN Game Zone there was an ad that would flash and underneath the ad there was actualy a SEIZURE WARNING. I mean, Christ Almighty, if you know that your damn ads cause seizures, why the hell would you still use them?? It’s like they just don’t care… Needless to say, I started playing my games over a Pop Cap and I haven’t had a problem since. Insensitive bastards…

Are you sure about Ad-Aware? I use it to remove spyware and I don’t remember it being able to block pop-ups/banners/etc. I really hope I’m not missing out on this feature!

Somewhat related, has anyone noticed lately animated ads that are very jumpy and not centered right? At first I thought someone was really crappy at Flash or Photoshop, but now I’ve seen so many like this that I wonder if some marketing genius has decided that such things gain attention.

Rant to the host. The Dilbert site had an ad like that once, I whined to the web-admin, and although he claimed to have no power over the ads, that ad dissappeared for a very long time from that site.

Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

All right; thanks for the advice!

Duh’oh. I meant Webwasher, not ad-aware.

Whatever you do, don’t watch TNN. They’ve now decided they can put up commercials during the shows, in the form of a little psychedelic bar at the bottom of the screen that flashes and blinks juuuuust outside of direct eye contact. Congrats, Ted Turner, I no longer watch your network.

If you’re prone to seizures, then don’t go here:

Hi Rilchiam,

Most of the flashing stuff can be turned off:
In IE:
Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced tab -> Multimedia node
and uncheck “Play animations in web pages”

Now, MacroMedia Flash seems to be used more frequently for annoying adverts and they don’t give you an easy way to turn it off. Fortunately, on their own website, they have a forum where this was discussed. I went to the site mentioned in the second post and am now happily Flash free.

Done and done!

I recently switched from WebWasher to AdShield which will block the newer Flash ads. It only works with Internet Explorer. Just right-click on any ad and you can add the URL (or partial URL) to your block list.