Stopframe animation of a many pictures/hour?

So as to not waste all to much time, does anyone have any idea how many shots per hour I should take of a flower to accurately combine them into a movie?

Many of you have seen a film where they show flowers blooming in an extremely short amount of time. Thats what I would like to do. So, I’m just curious how many shots per hour I need to take to properly do that.

How long does it take a flower to bloom? I honestly don’t know. You need 30 frames per second for TV quality (movies run 24 fps, I believe).

So, take the amount of time it takes your flower to bloom (say 30 hours…I really have no clue). If you take one frame per hour, that leaves you with a one-second movie. Two per hour would make a two-second movie. Four gets you a four-second movie, and one picture per minute gets you a one-minute movie.

I’d guess you need to have an idea of how long it takes the flower to bloom first. Let that be “Y”. Let the number of frames you take per hour be “X.”

The formula is (XY)/30=Z

where Z is the length of the film in seconds (again, assuming a 30 FPS rate)

Solving for X gives you (30Z)/Y = X

So, multiply the length of the film you want (in seconds) by 30, then divide by the total time it takes for the flower to bloom, and that’s the number of frames per hour you need.

I think.

If, on the other hand, you’re asking what LOOKS good, this guy says once every three minutes.