Stopping a cork

We keep a wine bottle in the refrigerator; my mom adds white wine to some dishes she cooks. The problem I have is the cork. The corkscrew pokes slightly out of the end of the cork, and when I put the bottle back in the refrigerator–on its side because the shelf isn’t high enough–wine will leak out. How do I stop up the cork?

Stop buying a full bottle for cooking and start buying 4-packs of decent white wine in smaller bottles that close with a screw cap.

Duct tape.

I don’t think our store (Ralphs) carries that…

You can easily find one that does, they’re not particularly difficult to find. Any reasonable liquor store will have them.

Or, buy a box of wine. It will keep for a few weeks because no air gets into the bag.

Or, buy a wine bottle vacuum stopper and continue using bottles. This will keep a bottle of white in the fridge for about a week for drinking, 2-3 weeks for cooking.

It will keep for longer than that if the wine is kept in a cool place. It’s a great tool.

Freeze the wine in an ice cube tray. When you need a spot of wine for a recipe just pop out a cube.

I try to stay away from the mini bottles since there are better wines in the same price range, but they sure are convenient for varieties I don’t drink often.
Instead, I second the vacuum stopper or other replacement cork. These are the ones we use and never have leaks.
Also, lots of decent wines have screw tops now, which is even easier.