Stopping washing machine mid cycle is bad for the washer?

So most washers have a function where you can push a button and hold it and it will stop mid cycle, but I am wondering if this is actually “good” for the machine or not? Sounds like it would bring things to a screeching halt mid-movement but there shouldn’t be any bearings or gaskets that would rub each other to create friction because otherwise there would have been friction in normal cycle operation anyway.

Washing machines start and stop several times during a wash. Why stopping it would be ‘bad’ for the machine escapes me. If the manufacturer provides a ‘stop’ button, I would assume that it implies “Bring It To A Safe Stop” button, not “screeching halt mid-movement” button.

Leaving a machine full of water for a long time (days rather than hours) might cause problems for seals but why would you do that?

I am guessing this must be a front load washer. For most top load washers, all you have to do is lift the lid.

Newer top-loaders lock the lid so you can’t lift it.

Genius. Real value added.

ETA: I didn’t mean you, I mean the manufacturers.

What I meant to say is that my new top loader locks the lid, but has a “pause” button that unlocks it and stops what it’s doing.

I made a small magnetic plunger to push on the stop switch when you raise the lid of a top load washer so I can see the agitation action and see if I have enough water for what I am washing. I need to see if it works during the spin cycle. Handy little thing.

The drive mechanism could easily be good for 10,000 start/stop cycles so stoping it midway through a wash occasionally might shorten the washer’s 10 year+ life by a day or less.

The new one also has a glass top on it for this purpose. It doesn’t have a light inside it though. I have to shine a flashlight into it to see what’s going on. Yeah, I should rig up a light directly over the washer.

Didn’t know that. Mine locked only if you opened the lid while it was on spin cycle (vintage 1995). I recently replaced it with an LG front-loader that has a control panel like a lunar lander; you have to press the Pause button to unlock the door during a cycle.

It prevents kids from opening the lid, reaching in before the drum stops, and getting their arm ripped off (yes that actually happened). Broken bones were far more common, but I do know of one case where the child’s arm was literally ripped off.

There were also a few cases of toddlers opening the lid (stopping the washer), then climbing in, having the lid fall closed (starting the washer again) and getting killed.

Locking the lid may generate a few sarcastic comments, but it actually has prevented a lot of injuries and even a few deaths since they started doing it.

Washing machines experience power supply interruptions without harming themselves. Most are run by circuit boards now and upon restart will dump the water before attempting to move the drum. They can power up, power down, without harming themselves.