storing carbonated drinks

Is there a difference in the taste/carbonation level of bottles of carbonated drinks if they are laid down flat in a fridge vs. standing them up straight?

I don’t see why there would be. I’ve stored both soft drinks and beer in both positions and there’s never been any noticable difference. The carbonation isn’t really at risk of leaking out until you open the thing, after all.

actually, if once u open carbonated drinks (beer not included), if you leave them OUT of the fridge, the carbonation will last longer. Just keep them tightly capped. This applies to soda bottles, not cans. I was told this and tried it myself. Opened one 2 liter bottle and put it in fridge… was flat within 48 hours, regardless of how tight the lid was screwed back on. Opened a 2nd 2 liter bottle right after 1st one, left it on counter. After more than a week, opening and pouring out a small portion a day, it still fizzed almost as much as when it was first opened.

So, don’t think it really matters whether its upright or horizontal… just the temperature it is maintained at. Am sure a physics genius could explain why cold -defizzes- carbonated drinks once they are opened, but I can’t. smile