Storing frozen, raw chicken in tin foil

I bought a package of frozen chicken breasts the other day. I’m the only one to eat them so i broke off one breast and thawed it. I put the other ones in tin foil and threw them back in the freezer. I began to wonder after if there were any bad effects, either for me or the taste of the chicken…B’GOCK!

I read a few articles about tinfoil and dioxins and acids in the food affecting the foil and spoiling the chicken. Is there anything definitive on this?..CLUCK!

Definitive, no. But I used to do this all the time and never noticed anything off.

I know that acidic food like tomato sauce can eat into the foil and not only break its air-shielding/leak-preventing barrier in the process, but potentially put the resulting aluminum compounds in/on the food as well. (What effect that might have, if any, I don’t know.) I hadn’t heard of plain chicken doing it, though.

Swell. I was sure I hadn’t missed anything major, but I didn’t want to have it cooked and get a weird taste…or some kind of foil corrosion.

Hmm, I would never have thought to store raw meat in tin foil because it isn’t air-tight. I always store it in plastic wrap or a zip-top bag. The only downside to tin foil that I can think of might be a bit of freezer burn.

Yeah, the rec’s I’ve seen is to wrap stuff in foil and then stuff the whole foil-wrapped package into a zip bag. But no, I don’t think chicken would eat through the foil the way an acidic tomato sauce would. The OP’s chicken will be, at worst, dried out and freezer-burned. Mmmm … raw chicken jerky!!

I read this as raw chicken jelly twice before realizing it said jerky.

EEW. Well it’s only been in there a day and I wrapped it pretty well.