Storm-Absorbing Gel?

I heard the wildest story on the radio…did I hear correctly? I heard scientists were going to test a highly water-absorbAnt (absorbEnt?) gel which would be tossed into a thunderstorm cell for such testing? The gel would turn into a hardened mass, I believe, and drop safely(?) into the ocean.

Did anyone else hear this? Does anyone know any more?

  • Jinx
    Be careful when investing in toilet paper; you might get wiped out before you can turn around! :smiley:

Evidently you heard correctly. They’re trying to figure out a way to stop hurricanes so all those folks who built beach houses right at the waterline won’t have to worry about flood insurance anymore. :rolleyes:

My tax dollars, about to be at work. [sigh]

Now we gotta watch for the correlation of droughts with voter party preferences…