Story identification - rival towns, newlyweds

This morning I woke up thinking of a story I read about 1980 in a school book (English) - it seemed to me to be a story written in the 1920s or so, with a Thornton Wilder air. The location is a small town where the lowest of the low can hold his head high, because he knows he’s better than anyone in the next town over, and the worst thing you can say of someone is that “you act like someone from <that town>”. The young son of a prominent member of the community is getting married to a new girl in town, an orphan who is staying with another family in town. It turns out that the girl is not an orphan - she’s from the other town, and pretending her folks are dead, but there’s no dramatic resolution; the person who realizes the situation doesn’t say anything, because the groom and bride are obviously very happy. Any ideas?

Anyone? Bueller?