Story research help wanted: Hollywood special FX

I’ve Googled and otherwise searched, but had no luck in finding the information I need for something I’m thinking of writing. I’m hoping all you wonderful people out there can help me instead. (Apologies if this should be in Cafe Society, but I figured that the subject didn’t quite fit there.)

I need to know the minimum amount of equipment needed to make a realistic-looking shooting, with special effects, for a live audience (meaning no sounds can be added in post-production). The source of the shots will be hidden, but the victim needs to be exposed, and the audience (not many people, and several feet away with a curtain of rain in between, but still with a reasonably good view, just not right on top of things) needs to be left with the assumption that a shooting has actually taken place. I’m assuming that the stager has access to whatever equipment is required, of course.

Thanks for any help you can give!

Try this site for all your gun props…

Thanks, but my concern is more the victim side of the shooting. This might come in handy, though!

You put a squib between a bag of blood and protective backing. This goes under an item of clothing. Big bag of blood for a long bleed - if the victim is lying there for a while you wand blood to continue to drain out.

The squib is radio-fired by a device held by the gun shooter. I think you can get these devices from props suppliers.

Obviously this has to be put together by someone with an awareness of the safety risks. You dont want the fake blood augmented with the vitims own blood.