Straight Dope Chicago should be its own site

This isn’t as some old-time Doper whinging about Ed foisting his other projects onto the SDMB & somehow ‘sullying’ it. They have next to no effect on the SDMB.

This is about the fact that the bottom of the SDMB index page is a lousy place for this stuff, visibility-wise.

Now, if S.D.Chi. is being properly advertised, with direct links tothis page, fine. But making it an addendum to the Dope seems odd to me.

Have you ever considered making this your SDMB Bookmark?

Presto, Straight Dope Chicago is gone.

Una, you misread. foolsguinea wasn’t saying that he wanted to avoid SDChicago but that it should be featured more prominently. On its own. Sort of the opposite of what you replied.

Ah, I see. I definitely misread that.

Once again, a mapcase speaks my thoughts more clearly than do I.