Straight dope chicago: Streets jog at North Avenue -- 10/08/2009

Cecil, I forgive you. And your explanation says all that needs to be said.:slight_smile:

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While I didn’t hear an explanation of North Avenue’s jogging (intersecting) streets as early as high school, I wonder what other lore exists for that stretch.

The one I heard was that there were two groups of surveyors and road builders, coming from opposite directions, aiming to meet at North Avenue, and a point of reference for one group was erroneous. By the time the error was discovered, it was too late to correct.

I wonder whether the subterranean infrastructure looks like the surface.


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I think you were correct the first time.
When you go 24 miles north, you have to account for about 28.5’ for every mile you go past a baseline. In Illinois, that baseline, runs approximately through the center of the state. Assuming Chicago is about 60 miles from the baseline, that means the correction is 60*28.5, or about 1710’.

In case anybody is interested, a correction of 28.4669115 feet every 24 miles works out to …

a correction of 1.19 feet per mile,
or almost 1 foot, 2 and a quarter inches per mile.

If you like decimals, the correction is 14.23345575 inches per mile.

I’m devestated!!! I grew up in Chicago thinking that our streets were laid out in a perfect Cartesian grid aligned to the North Pole. In the house I grew up in, my bed was aligned to true north, or so I thought. I always slept well that way, and blamed insomnia on the inability to to line up my bed properly in other non-aligned residences since then. Now I learn that Chicago is 1.3 degrees off. How can I ever get another good night’s sleep, again? :wink: