Straight Dope column content revisions now available to the highest bidder

In a thread about the Have guys awakened after a party to find their kidneys stolen? column, a reader posted the following query:

To which Uncle Cecil’s editor announced:

I’m not sure if this most welcome new policy is due to Creative Loafing’s recent financial difficulties, or because Mr. Zotti has to pay off some loan sharks for the home improvement costs for The Barn House, but this certainly is a great opportunity.

I assume this will be conducted on Ebay. I for one am looking forward to a bidding war in order to have Unca Cece enthusiastically confirm that the “missing day theory” is indeed evidence that “Our God is rubbing their noses in His Truth!”

In accordance with the wishes of our new sponsor, The Aryan Nation of the United States, Unca Cece is here to tell you a thing or two about a certain Zionist conspiracy you may or may not be familiar with…