Straight Dope Degredation

I have noticed over the past few months, that the boards have become…what’s the word…uninspiring. At least in my two favorite forums, MPSIMS and IMHO, almost every other post is about sex, or some related topic. It really bothers me…am I the only one?

This place, like most places, comes and goes in cycles. In a few months at the most, things will have happened and doings will have transpired and experiences will have been experienced, and these fora will be different.

If something major happens, changes will be fundamentally different. Cycles are thrown off by those things, and sometimes cycles are destroyed. But this place is big enough to be resiliant about these things: Cycles tend to be stable when you have thousands of members and a nontrivial, constant influx of newbies.

So, if you don’t like the boards, wait. :wink:

Eagerly awaiting your thrust of intellectual prowness.

MemoryGong, I can only assume you meant prowess :smiley:

Nah. Clearly he wants to engage you in a discussion of the history and aesthetics of sailing ship figureheads.

Or start some alternative threads.


It all starts with poor spelling, then once you’re in the downward spiral…

I’m with you Stccrd and agree with Derleth that it’s a cyclical issue. During these periods I tend to pay more attention to who’s started or responded to a thread than to the title alone.

I also agree that the content of this board fluctuates in terms of my interest in the overall subject matter. A lot of it is influenced by current news events, current movies, music, etc. I have also noticed trends that come and go which may be annoying to some. For example, in my time here I have seen two waves of “ask the ____” threads flourishing. Right now they seem to be on the decline but will probably resurge again in a few months.

As for the sex-related threads and for threads on bodily emissions, these are pretty much mainstays here and have always been a part of the boards. One reason I think they are brought up so frequently is that we cannot easily discuss such matters with co-workers, friends and family, but in a place like this people can feel more open about these things.