Straight Dope marks 44th anniversary

Today, February 2, 2016, is the 44th anniversary of the 1972 debut of The Staight Dope ™.

44 is a numeric palindrome. And “Cecil Adams: mad Alice C” is an alphabetic palindrome. It is also a prophetic statement:

o Mike Lenehan was Cecil’s original editor. The experience drove him mad.

o Dave Kehr was Cecil’s second editor. He later became a movie critic, reviewing films like “Alice [dave kehr] Doesn’t Live Here [doesn’t edit the straight dope] Anymore” and “Go Ask [cecil adams] Alice”.

o Ed Zotti became Cecil’s third editor, about 40 years ago. (His long years of service under the trying circumstances of being Unce Cece’s under-appreciated helpmate indicates either an undying commitment to furthering human knowledge, or evidence of the world’s worst case of Stockholm Syndrome.) “C” is the speed of light. 43.99 light years away, the inhabitants of the planets circling the star Theta Ursae Majoris, peering through their big telescopes, are muttering: “The Chicago Reader has started a new column. They call it ‘The Straight Dope’. It will give us important insights about humans. I’ll bet they have eradicated ignorance by now. I wonder if they taste good in a stew. It makes me hungry just thinking about it.”

Why have they been “fighting ignorance since 1973” then? In the first year did they just spread it?

Edit: just looked at the link and it says 1973, so I assume the OP is just wrong and it’s the 43rd anniversary.

Yes, it turns out that I am an idiot who can’t count. Please ignore this OP and don’t read this until next year. Until then, I think we can all rejoice that this is actually the 43rd anniversary, and I will now go into hiding.

Wikilink to Aaron Russo.

Meh. Saying “20th anniversary”and meaning “19th” is common as muck. It’s the old cardinal/ordinal mixup.

The Cardinals never met the Ordinals in the playoffs. Just sayin’.