Straight dope membership

I’ve been on the message boards here for almost three months now, and I am overall really impressed with the conversations and people on here. Call me an eager beaver, but how exactly does one become a “Member”, “Charter Member”, etc.? If it is a matter of time spent on the site and/or number of posts, then I suppose patience and commitment are virtues. :smiley:

You become a member by paying for a subscription, which I believe costs something like $14 a year for new members. You can’t become a Charter Member anymore; that’s for folks who were around when the board first offered a paid option.

I believe regular members can also pay for a special title/tagline if they like (see my post–the Feline Overlord thing. It’s about $8/year.)

ETA: To subscribe, click your User CP link at the top, then click Paid Subscriptions under Miscellaneous on the left side.

Welcome to the Straight Dope, GeddyClaypoolBurton.

I see Infovore already showed you how to sign up as a paid member, where you will no longer see ads, and will have access to some special features (like posting in the Marketplace).

There are several “sticky” threads in the ATMB (About This Message Board) forum, including one that describes the custom titles that Infovore mentioned. ATMB, by the way, is the forum for all questions about the board itself and how it operates, so I’ve moved your thread there from the GQ forum.

Can the tagline be: Charter Member?

No. Nor “moderator” or similar.

How about “Moderator baiter?” :stuck_out_tongue:

Or “Master Baiter”.

I wouldn’t-it could get sticky.

At the very least there would be something fishy about it.

We do tend to offer more free malware if you’re not a member.

More than what other site that has paid ads?

This is good…

I’m going to guess that “Left Hand of the Master” would not be permitted either. :frowning:

But “Big toe of the Master” is still open.

What about “Lower Urinary Tract of the Master”?

How about “Master of the Left Hand”? :smiley:

Wow. Sixteen posts and no mention of the squid. Or sheep. You’re slipping, folks.

Goat. As in ‘goat felching’. ‘Sheep’ applies to a certain poster. :wink:

Back in my day, we used to get pie. Real nice pie.

Mmm— Pie.

If y’all haven’t run poor Geddy off, with your goat fucking (or whatever that is), I wanted to welcome him and let him know I’m giving away 2 memberships on 2.14 for Valentine’s Day if he’d care to send me a pm and put himself in the running.

Membership is $14.95 per year, btw. :wink:



PS: I see what you did with your name there, Geddy. :slight_smile: