Straight Dope on organ donation in the Netherlands?

This AP story,about a hoax TV show on organ donation caught my attention. It is apparently some form of protest against rules/laws in place that hinder organ donation.

The story did not make clear what those rules are and why folks would be upset, though this interesting item popped out:

Does this mean that things like bone marrow registries and other like programs aren’t available? You really are not allowed to donate an organ to a stranger?

It even suggests that somewhere panels of “experts” sit in judgement over just how close a relationship two people must have before they can share a kidney.

This sounds so far fetched I wonder of it was garbled in the story, but I hope that someone can enlighten me.

Note: I’m not interested in discussing whether or not some rules or proposed rules are sensible or crazy or sufficient or not. I just want a clearer understanding of the nature of the issue.