Straight Dope on the "Amero" and RFID tags

This may evolve into a pitting of a co-worker I formerly respected a lot, but she was going off today about how we’ll all be switching from dollars to Amero’s in North America (Canada, US, Mexico, and various CA and Caribbean countries), and how Obama is going to eventually put RFID chips in all of us (by 2017) so “Big Brother” can track us from the cradle to the grave. I already researched Snopes and Wikipedia, which thoroughly debunked the former, but the RFID chip thing was left a bit more open-ended, tho Snopes did express quite a bit of doubt about them. Note I am talking about the notion regarding the specific implantation of such devices directly into a person’s body per nation-wide government fiat, not the use of such tags by manufacturers in their consumer goods, which apparently is already starting to happen.

You might as well debate the possibility of secret unicorn testing facilities in the backrooms of Starbucks. It has about as much merit as saying Obama will have RFIDs in all Americans by 2017 (a year he couldn’t even possibly be president in). Nothing about it makes sense or has any grounding in reality. The fact that people like her actually believe nonsensical dribble like that is why yes, I must indeed have some kind of superiority complex.

Search here and you will find many threads on RFID issues as well as posts from some of us who do understand them and their limitations/uses. Most of the RFID paranoia is bullshit and based on ignorance of the limited range of passive RFID.

Okay, new conspiracy…

You know Canada is much more liberal than the United States. If the Democrats want a lock on the Presidency, having strong Democratic areas like Quebec and Ontario as part of the U.S. would keep the Republicans out. FOREVER and the United States would turn into a ONE PARTY STATE.

Therefore, it’s obvious that the United States will invade and annex Canada! They even have Socialized medicine there, and Obama wants to bring it here! What better way to get Americans on Socialized Medicine than in annexing Canada!

Do you want a bunch of socialized beaver kissers taking over the United States? Then, we must fight this. Call your Congressman and tell him you don’t want those Canadian Bacon eaters as part of your country!

I’ll give it three weeks before Glenn Beck starts talking about it.

The Amero will never happen unless the US breaks apart into about 6 countries. Canada and Mexico will not permit themselves to be overshadowed in a union with a United USA.

Wouldn’t bother me…

Don’t worry: You can’t be that superior if you don’t know the difference between ‘dribble’ and ‘drivel’. :wink:

Ignorance fought! Certainly there’s a name for a term you always hear spoken but never written and end up writing it wrong… Like “for all intensive purposes” instead of “intents and purposes”…

Nitpick: That last bit wouldn’t be a very effective argument, as Obama has a fair chance of being president through January 20, 2017.

One of the terms for such a substitution in English is called a malapropism. The only requirement there is that the word substituted make the whole effect funny.

It is more likely called an Eggcorn, where the substituted word makes sense, even though it’s the wrong word.
There’s even a database of eggcorns–Eggcorns

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Is it just me misremembering, or was all this Amero stuff around when Clinton was president? It seems like I heard about how Billary was just about to sell us out to the Chinese, build a bridge from Canada to Mexico, institute martial law so FEMA could shove us all into concentration camps, and, yes, create a single currency for all of North America.

The RFID stuff is just warmed-over Revelation ‘Mark of the Beast’ crazy: In the 1980s, it was barcodes, now it’s computer chips. Technology Marches On but the crazy remains the same.

Americans appear to exist under the delusion that the rest of the world really wants to be them.

I still don’t understand what this bridge from Canada to Mexico was supposed to achieve.

Boys, there’s no WAY that the whack jobs in the mountain states will want to form a ‘heartland’ with Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois. Can you imagine it? They have unions there! And lefties!

Plus, hell, there are JEWS in Chicago! OBAMA’S FROM CHICAGO! ARE YOU ALL BLIND!?!?!?!

So, OP, you are seriously asking whether Obama is going to implant RFID tags in everyone by 2017? Seriously? If someone said “yeah, they’re going to do that” you’d think it was really possible?

Do people want the U.S. to break apart? Is this some sort of fatalist fantasy they missed out on because Y2K didn’t end in the destruction of the world?

There’s a good reason why the U.S. will not break up: We’re too culturally integrated with each other. I’ve got family in Texas, California, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Nevada, Minnesota, Illinois, and probably a few places I haven’t thought of. When I was younger, I moved all over the U.S., and I suspect so will my kids. Do I really need to cross two international borders to visit someone in L.A.?

And, do these people think secession will solve their problems? When this country was first founded, there was talk of breaking the country up into three Republics because the country was too big. The first ten chapters in the Federalist papers argue why this was a stupid idea. Basically, a weaker smaller sub-United States will depend upon foreign powers to help it against other sub-United State sections. And, conflicts can quickly turn into major wars. Look at how well partition worked for Yugoslavia, India/Pakistan, and Israel/Palestine. Heck, you couldn’t get a friendlier breakup than Eritrea and Ethiopia. How long did it take for that relationship to devolve into war?

The Soviet Union broke apart because it consisted of a bunch of ethnic groups that were never fully integrated into the Russian sphere. It was a relationship of Empire to colonies.

The United States is too well integrated. Too many people have too many connections to too many parts of the country for it to happen in the U.S.

Not sure I agree. The culture of the west coast and the east north of Virginia are really different than the culture of the south and the “heartland”. If you put it to a vote I think that the south would be happy to make being a Christian a requirement for office. They also have a stunning lack of critical thinking with their birthers and creationists and tea baggers. Add to that the fact that the liberal states are bearing more than their fair share of taxes relative to the benefits they receive, and the conservative states having more than their share of representation because of 2 Senators per-state, and I think you have an unstable situation. I’d love to live in a country made up of New England, OR, WA, CA, MN, and WI. We’d have more money and be able to do things like have UHC and ensure gay rights.

Obama could be President that entire year. Ask Grover Cleveland.

Isn’t Minnesota, the very state in the center of your liberal paradise the same state with Michelle Bachmann? And, didn’t the largest city in Texas, which I’m sure is one of the first states you want to toss out of your very selective country, just elect an openly lesbian mayor?

I like my country the way it is, thank you. Maybe some people don’t agree with me on all the issues, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be friends. Or maybe even fellow countrymen.

Really? There are conservatives in Minnesota and liberals in Texas? I thought states were 100% uniform in all ways. Next thing you’ll try and tell me that the blue states didn’t vote 100% Obama and the red states didn’t vote 100% Palin.