Straight Dope - the intelligent.

Might I say that The Straight Dope Forums are the most intelligent forums I’ve ever seen. I say this because nobody here types like a retard, or some seven-year-old Arkansas boy hungry for his first taste of manhood.

Or perhaps something like this:

yo dis is da gayest thang in tha wulrd yo

Dag, yo.

Thoughts? Maybe some explanations on this not-so-strange happenstance?

I need the toilet.

Hunh. Poop. Smelly. Smushy. Poop.

Welcome Cleanup. Just for future reference I happen to be the gayest thang in tha wurld yo! :smiley: This is a great message board. It is full of intelligent, insightful, interesting, strange, funny and down right hooty people. Dopers are the best. Make yourself at home. We debate, exchange ideas, give opinions, encourage, commiserate, empathatize and sympathize with each other, then flame the pants off each other all in the same day. We be family!

I didn’t understand a word you just said.

Mm. Cleanup. Why thank you.

Hunh! Flame the pants! Holds lighter to his own ass Flatulates

Partly because it’s theme is fighting ignorance, and partly because anyone who does type like a retard gets their head bitten off.


Well, except for the occaional person who refers to the boards as “homo-ishly homo”, I agree.


I wondered about that myself, Smeghead, but young Cleanup seems to be using gay and “homo-ishly homo” as a positive adjective. Perhaps it is an idea we can use in general as a reclamation of the terms.

We can at least make it an SDMB thing, Homebrew. Let this straight boy start the ball rolling. It’s a nice day, the birds are singing, I feel simply GAY. What are wonderfully HOMO world.

Not being smart here. Let’s see if we can reclaim* these words. I have faith we can do it, if only on these boards.


*Funny how twenty years ago, people bemoaned the loss of the word “gay” to the English language. Well, we’re trying to bring it back. Maybe just not on your terms…

Just to clarify, “Not on your terms” isn’t a reference to YOU, 'brew, but to the bigots that were originaly whining.


When come, bring pie.


Welcome, Cleanup!

Welcome to aisle six!

Cleanup is short for Cleanupinaisle3.


Aisle 3? Is that the pickles or th’ laundry powders?

When I was working in a supermarket as a teenager, the worst cleanup we ever had was when a bunch of mayonaise jars that were stacked up too high on a shelf fell backwards into the next aisle, crashing through a shelf full of jars of pickles. Ugh.

Homebrew, TLD, try Wake Up Gay.

And welcome, Cleanup