Straight Jazz on two Flattop Guitars: wonderful morning music

Bags’ Groove, a version by Mark Goldenberg and Eric Skye on guitar:

An easy, slinky Pink Panther-esque jazz song - it is the name of a Miles Davis album, and is named after vibraphone player Milt “Bags” Jackson. Hearing two guitars groove it is really good.

Someone mentioned these two guys did an album together so I sought them out. Goldenberg played for Jackson Browne for years and toured with Hugh Laurie when he is making music. Eric Skye is a guy who plays solo jazz guitar just wonderfully. He is active on the guitar boards. He is not as versatile as the other guitarist I was touting in an earlier thread, Julian Lage, but man I love his straight up jazz playing. He has a solo version of Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue I strongly recommend.

Note that Goldenberg plays with a thumbpick and fingers and Skye uses a thumbpick and fingerpicks. Man, fingerpicks - I could never abide by them. Can work with a thumbpick+fingers, but prefer to use the flesh of my fingertips. The point is: watching how fluent Skye is with his picks is remarkable to me. Also, check out how he uses harmonics - I think during the 3rd minute. Very cool.

Either way, I love hearing straight jazz on small flattop guitars. Gives me hope! I could never be fluent with all the chords they play, but gettings a moving bassline to counterpoint with chording and lead lines? Very fun.


I loved the harmonics that started, as you said, at about 3:00. Both players are so ultra-polished, so in control of their instruments and fingers it makes me wonder what the fuck I’ve been doing for the last 25 years that when I play I don’t sound like they do (:smack: oh yeah; that’s right: keeping Satan trapped under a lawnmower).

I’ll try and contribute to the early morning jazz wonder here, if ya don’t mind. This guitarist is one of my top 3 all-time players. I don’t think he’s nearly as well-known or as well-regarded as he ought to be. The first album of his that I bought turned out to be his last album; he died of lung cancer a couple of years after it’s release. IIRC he spent more than two years rehearsing the 8 songs he wrote before going into the studio to record them and each cut on the album is a single take. These recordings are the only known recording of him playing solo steel-string acoustic guitar, and to me they, and he, are without equal. The version of the album I first bought was called Jungle Suite; it has since been re-issued under the name Shambhala Moon. This is the first thing I ever heard from this artist: Bola Sete - The Sun Pours Through The Darkness Gently, Gently.

Wonderful - great thought to extend the morning music. Ah, yes, Bola Sete - the Man with the Coolest Nickname (“Seven Ball” - it’s the only ball in Brazilian billiards that is black, apparently - he got it when he was the only black guy in a jazz combo.)

Realy nice - hadn’t heard that track. Really creates an atmosphere. Thanks!