Straight Talk phone plans from Wal Mart

Previous relevant thread, last updated in February.

Any more recent experiences?

I’m considering the $45 unlimited plan, and there doesn’t appear to be any data limit specifically mentioned.

12 days into a billing cycle, my usage on my current Verizon plan is 48 voice minutes (share 1400, i might be able to get it up to 100 minutes by the end of the cycle if I tried), 186 texts (unlim), and 274 MB data (unlim).

Basically, I text, take pictures, post to FB, twitter, listen to ballgames on AtBat12and occasionally a race on I<3Radio.

I can do without the race angle, but the capability to listen to a ballgame is almost a must. Touch screen is nice, but not a necessity.

Any thoughts?

My husband and I have LG Optimus Black phones with Straight Talk plans. We love it. Great voice quality, usable data speed, there appears to be no drawback. I know that my husband streams radio through his phone, so I assume you could stream your ballgames.

Apologies in advance if this fails to answer your question.

T-mobile’s monthly 4g plans are great. I have the same phone as Sattua, just compatible with the T-mobile network instead (my model is called the LG Optimus T). You sound like a perfect candidate for the plan I am using, since I’m also very light on talk minutes:

100 minutes
unlimited texts
unlimited data (with 5 gigs/month at 4g speeds, slower after that)

Of course, you would need a phone that is compatible with T-mobile’s network. It’s only activatable online, and this price is only valid on new activations, so you have to get a new phone number. You just need the phone, and a sim pack that costs 99c on the T-mobile website. I found a used Optimus T on T-mobile’s website for $75.

I just researched all of this within the past few months, and I believe this plan is the current best deal for heavy data users and small talkers.

I just ported my home phone to Tracfone earlier this year. I went with a LG800G phone that triples your minutes every time you buy minutes. Tracfone is pretty much the same as StraightTalk. I went ahead and bought the 1yr / minutes with the phone. So, even if I run out of minutes, my home phone number will stay until at least Jun 2013.

I had some trouble with the phone at first because they sent the wrong sim (for wrong network in my area). I needed an AT&T network. Once I had the correct sim, the phone works great. Based on my usage, I’ve reduced my land line cost of about $840/yr to a little over $400/yr. So that is in the $30/mo range like state above (plus I no longer have a monthly bill, I plan to just do a lump sum purchase when needed).

The phone itself is nice and holds a semi-decent charge (using speaker kills it quickly). But it is small, so I wouldn’t want to do a lot of web surfing with it and I use the hand writing recognition to ‘type’ stuff because it doesn’t have a keyboard, only a keypad for text.

I appreciate the feedback so far. While rachelellogram’s plan does seem tailor made, I’m hesitant to go with TMobile because I hear their service is spotty in my area. Straight Talk utilizes Verizon, which is what I have and have never had a problem with reception. Keeping my number is very important to me as well, I was planning on porting it wherever I went.

Yeah that’s a good reason not to go with T-mobile. Check their 4g coverage maps to be certain. They have very good coverage in my area, I checked my home and work and mom’s home, and the routes to and from those places. Since those are the only places I am likely to be on a normal day, and there is 4g coverage for them all, T-mobile was a good choice for me.

I can’t speak to Straight Talk, never been with them.

Hi all. I started the original thread on this topic mentioned in the OP. I still like Straight Talk and am now thinking about one of their smart phone plans. Sattua mentions that she has one of these plans and that it has “usable” speed. Anyone else want to chime in on this? Does anyone know exactly what “speed” you’re paying for with ST?

The only thing I see wrong is the LG Optimus rather than the plan. I monitor the Amazon Appstore’s free app of the day, and more often the app description says “Not compatible with LG Optimus.” From what I understand the phone is just low on memory and processing power, so if you want to be able to run a variety of Android apps I’d research phones a bit.

I’m a heavy voice user, to TM’s 100 minutes is about 1/10th my monthly needs. StraightTalk is great… unlimited voice, data, text for $45. No brainer.

LG phones are ok, but there always seems to be some annoying, no fix handicap in their user interface. Take the LG800; phone would be a great little phone if you didn’t have to keep pressing “UNLOCK” every 10 seconds (it probably just seems like that). In the middle of adding numbers to contact list, etc. It’s like some kind of stupid video game or Whack-a-Mole. So for Straight-Talk I only recommend Samsung (second in world smartphone sales only to Apple … all other brands are DISTANT also-rans).

Seems like more and more phones are being added to the Straight Talk list pretty frequently. I am a current Crackberry user. While I don’t expect themn on the list anytime soon, there have been some sharp looking Samsungs available. Leaning toward the Proclaim at the moment. Might be pulling the trigger on this in a couple of weeks.

Watch that assumption - Straight talk actually uses Verizon, Tmobile, OR AT&T networks depending on what phone you get. I believe the only Bring your own phone or android phone choices are AT&T or T-mobile, so Straighttalk verizon is really limited to dumb phone models that are verizon based.