Strange 2003 Server Problem.

We are have a problem setting write permissions on a folder (any folder actually). The sys admin can’t even get it done.

It appears, that a folder (call the folder ‘Test’) under root (C:) is read only permissions. The read-only check box has a gray check. Meaning it’s inherited.

However, when we look at advanced permissions on C:, Everyone has full control. It’s wide open.

When we look at advanced permissions on the folder ‘Test’, It shows everyone has full control and it is not inherited. No permissions are inherited. For any users. In fact, the advanced permissions show that the folder is wide open.

Still, the Read Only attribute is checked on that folders properties. We can uncheck it, and apply it. But, when you look at properties again, read only is checked again. :mad:

Now the weird part, we can create files in the folder though explorer. But, a web app I have cannot, even when the IIS virtual directory is given write permissions.

Every folder under C: is experiencing the same thing.

Is this a weird 2003 thing?


It’s by design.