Strange answers to trivia questions.

I found these at Apparently someone forgot to change the answers from last week. . .

Q. September 1, 1939, generally is considered the start of World War II, when Germany attacked what country?
A. Atlas.

I looked all through Rand McNally and I couldn’t find it anywhere. . .

Q. Which actor played all these film roles: the voice of Moses in the 1998 film, Prince of Egypt, Jim Morrison in the 1991 film, The Doors, and Bruce Wayne in the 1995 film Batman Forever?
A. Chihuahua.

“Holy frijoles, Batman!”

Q. What was the first athletic event held in the first Olympic games in 776 BC?
A. Starring and Directed by Danny DeVito.

He’s certainly aged well.

Q. Name these things that are last:
a) the last teeth to erupt in human mouths
b) the last ruler of the USSR
c) the last two baseball teams to lose the World Series to the New York Yankees.
a) Paris
b) Tokyo
c) Istanbul

I think they’re taking the league reorganization a bit too far.

Q. Which 2 long bones extend down our forearms from elbow to wrist?
A. Swahili.

Dammit, I broke my Swahili!

Q. Name the stage musical that featured each of these songs:
a) Memory
b) Mack the Knife
c) Try to Remember
A. Massachusetts

Ohhhhhhhh. . . Massachusetts, where the tea goes sinking in the bay. . .

Q. What type of knife is named after the town in southwest France where it was first made?
A. James Cameron.

I always knew he was a hack.

Q. The card game now known as bridge was popularized in 1742 by which British writer on games?
A. Martin Luther King.

And I still don’t know anyone who plays it.

Q. People who suffer from myopia can not very well do what?
A. Notre Dame University.

Yeah, they drop like flies after the first week of class.
– Sylence

And now, for my next trick, I will talk in spooky half-references.

Well, those just beat my Silly Survey Update responses all to hell.

“That’s entertainment!” —Vlad the Impaler

I found these in 10,000 Jokes, Stories and Toasts:
Q. In which book of the Bible is the phrase “God tempers the wind to the shorn lamb”?
A. It is on both sides: Buda on the west side and Pest on the east.
Q. How much gold and silver is there in the world?
A. Approximately 1,200.
Q. Is the Claims Commission of the United States and Mexico still functioning?
A. With melted tar or pitch it is.

“If you drive an automobile, please drive carefully–because I walk in my sleep.”–Victor Borge