Strange audio file on my computer.

Somehow I have gotten a slurping sound on my computer. That’s exactly what it sounds like. I have no idea where it came from nor how it got on my computer. It seems to be totally random and I don’t think I do anything to trigger it. The OS I use is XP pro. Mozilla is my browser.

Any ideas?

Not enough information here…

Does the sound emanate from the speakers or from the case?

If the former, check Control Panel -> Sounds and disable all sounds and see if it continues.

If the latter, describe it in more detail like the nature of the sound itself and what apps are running when it occurs.

Check any apps running in the background that trigger sounds based on their activity (like IRC chatting, P2P clients…etc)

Do you have any instant messaging clients installed?

Must… Resist… Obvious… Joke…

Must… Deny… Comic… Urges…


Can’t… Hold…

Maybe your computer is going down.

Damn. :smack:

The default window opening sound in my MSWindows sounds was a muddled whooshing sound that could be taken as a slurp.

I of course turned off all such sound effects and deleted the sound files just to be extra sure.

Thanks for all the suggestions…even the joke. But I think I figured out what it was. It was seti @ home telling me I needed to connect to download the info. It needed connecting and I haven’t heard it since I did.