Strange bedfellows: Barr and ACLU

“The ACLU does incredibly important work while managing to project as wholesome and welcome an image as a sick whore trying to get into Baptist seminary.” Molly Ivins
So, the ACLU (aka the Anti-Christmas Litigation Unit) of which I was a due paying member until they sold my name to every left wing fanatic organization on 7 continents, 3 planets, 15 asteroids, and a Trafalmagorian space station) has once again proven their uneagerness to be loved.

A major part of their due paying power base is the gay and lesbian rights contingent.
For years, one of the most virulently anti-gay Congressmen in DC was Bob Barr (in my humble opinion, the slimiest and most venomous little thing to slither out of the mid-Atlantic region since the snakefish).

Guess who the ACLU’s newest lobbyist/consultant is? Of course, everybody’s favorite archenemy of Dorothy, Bob Barr.

He was hired for his public antagonism towards the Homeland Security department (and because, having been ousted in a 2:1 election, he’s not doing anything anyway).

So your opinion: slap in the face to gay supporters, or a good ally?

Regardless, Barr has worked with the ACLU for a long time now: this association is nothing new.