Strange, but oddly flattering...

Friday night, at about three in the morning, I’m headed up to my room from the study lounge. Ahead of me on the stairs are a couple guys, apparently headed upstairs, too. Suddenly, one turns to me and says, “Are you wearing contacts?”

Slightly baffled, I reply, “Yeah, I am.”

He looks a little disappointed, and says, “Oh. Okay.” Then he perks up a bit, and asks, “But are they colored contacts?”


“Oh, that’s good…Your eyes are really pretty. They’ve restored my faith in humanity.”

WTF?! “Okay…well, see you later.”

They proceed upstairs, while I exit on the third floor. While I’ve been told my eyes were pretty, I never knew their true power…I’m considering superheroine status.(GuanoLad, maybe I can help out PigeonMan! :))

Anyone else had something strange, but nice, said to them?

After I had my RenFaire picture taken (the one that is on the TM reg page), and had it scanned, but before it went up on the page, I mentioned in a post on the old board that another one of the old board regs and I had gotten together that weekend, and that she had scanned the pic for me (I have no scanner). Another one of the old regs, who does not post to that board, and with whom I was and still am only barely acquainted, IM’d me out of the blue that night with two words: “Send Picture.” I did. I believe his next comment was something to the effect of “How much does it cost you each month to keep your hair looking like that?”

I took it as a compliment, anyway! :wink:


Scuse me. That reg with the odd compliment does not post to THIS board, is what I meant to say.

Apparently I have a great voice for phone sex.

As a few women can attest to, actually.

This is something that often makes me smile goofily :slight_smile:

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I have two thoughts on this comment. One is that it was absolutely sincere. Pretty eyes can have a strange effect on some member of the less-fair sex. There is a woman who works in my building I’ve always had a urge to say something like that to, but never did because there’s really no point. (It might annoy her, or might make her head big.)

The other thought it was that it was some line the guy learned from a “lines that worked for me” conversation or magazine article. I’ve heard people trade lines like that before (although most of them fall into the “lines that didn’t work for me but got a funny reaction” category.

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I have been complimented on my eyes before, and he said it with a completely straight face, so I’m just going to take it as an intriguing compliment.

It’s been a good weekend for self-esteem. I called a friend of mine, and mentioned this to him. He said, “Well, green eyes on a girl are rather powerful…” I replied, “Oh, really?”

Apparently I said this in a completely different, seductive voice. He was really surprised, and said that if I was talking at all like that, no wonder guys were complimenting me.

A good weekend for out-of-the-blue compliments. :slight_smile:

My best friend is getting married friday, and I’m his best man. Part of the speech I’ll be giving will be devoted to his pick-up line, now some 2 years ago.

The girl had been working at the university where we both studied. She worked at the so-called education desk, basically the place to go for readers, course books and what not. The thing most men immediately liked about her were her, well, LARGE KNOCKERS (don’t worry, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t post or lurk here…). This is beside the point, but it shows how my friend got the woman EVERY guy in that faculty would have gladly done.
Also important: this girl has a 4 year old boy, meaning she was pregnant at one stage when we were studying there.

Now, a few years later. My friend is going out with one of his mates, and spots her standing at the bar. He’s had enough beer to get his courage up a bit, and not too much so his speech was still coherent. He walks up to her, and produces the following, brilliant, pick-up line:

He: “Hi.”

She: “O Hi ! How’s things ?”

He: “Good, good… you know, I wanna tell you something.”

She: “oh, OK, what’s that ?”

He: “I just want you to know I have never in my life seen a woman who was pregnant so beautifully as you.”

[insert violins, soft-edged camera shot, harp music, romantic kiss, etc etc]

Now girls, give my friend some credit for this. I’m pretty sure that one would have gotten ANY woman over the edge.

To this day, I accuse him of making a calculated move there. It’s just TOO damn good :slight_smile:


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Strange compliments? Well…

I’ve been told that my Cyber make-out technique is pretty good. Actually, I was told I should write romance novels. < shrugs > I don’t see it.

I’ve gotten all sort of compliments on my eyes. When someone figures out that they change color from grey-blue to dark blue to light blue, they seem to think that’s cool.

Pixoid: I’ve gotten the contacts question too, back when I wore them. The “are they colored?” always seems to follow.

I had someone tell me I look like Superman once. WTF? I figure she was a closet crackhead.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Just an aside on the eye color thing.

Pixoid, your friend was right. Green eyes are, quite honestly, breathtaking. I’ve yet to actually meet anyone who has them (and yes, I know it’s just fat that make them look that way, but I don’t care. And for the record, you can apply the same statement to my opinion on breasts.)

That’s not to say, however, that other eye colors aren’t. Most people I know have brown eyes. So many, in fact, that I quit looking at them. Then, I met the current object of affection, who has very deep brown eyes, along with blond hair. Believe you me, I can’t stop looking at them.

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Back when I was younger, with less age & less stress in my life. I got a compliment on my hair, which has always been very black. I was asked if I colored it to get it that black. Alas, now the greying has begun. I still won’t color my hair though. My wife colors hers enough for both of us! Now my dad cornered the marked on vanity! When people remarked about how amazing it was that his hair was so similar in color to my mother’s hair. He’d say, “It should match, they both came from the same bottle!”


Since I have low self-esteem, any compliment I get is memorable. I’m usually asked if I’m wearing colored contacts because my eyes are so blue, but the two most, interesting compliments were: that I have victorian-looking features and that I look like Elizabeth Taylor. Interestingly enough, I’m a little heavy, but the latter compliment was about 20 pounds ago. I suppose I look even more like her now!

Ah, yes. Speaking as one who has a rather breathtaking pair of green eyes (if I do say so myself), I get lots of compliments, some of them rather unusual. “I hope those are just colored contacts, because I want a pair” springs to mind. Contacts, yes. Colored, no. Sorry to disappoint… Invariably, any time I asked my significant other why she was so attracted to me, my eyes were always the answer. Unfortunately, I have been having problems with my contacts lately, making my eyes red all the time. This has diminished their power over the opposite sex (and more importantly, over the same sex) somewhat, but once it clears up, look out…

I also get lots of compliments on my hair, but it’s dyed. That nicely counteracts any head-swelling I get from all the compliments about my eyes.

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Flypsyde: Mine aren’t quite green, though…they’re brownish and greenish.

There’s a ring of brown in the inside, and a ring of green outside it…and they’re both blended together a bit. Yeah, I’ve spent too much time looking at them. But people comment on them kinda often.

Pixoid, my eyes are the same way, with the brown/green rings. my eyes are usually fairly green, which looks rather nice with my naturally curly, naturally red hair. :slight_smile:

The most strangely stated compliment I’ve ever gotten was about my aforementioned hair, too. A woman I work with approached me one day and said “We’ve all decided that we hate you. You have more good hair days than anyone else in this office.” I told her that I would try to stop, and she said that she would appreciate any effort I would care to make.

That is the way my eyes are too, except that my ring is bright orange instead of brown. I’m not kidding. Another compliment I once got was “Your eyes look like a… forest fire.” It sounds silly when I retell it, but it was very romantic at the time.

Modest? You bet I’m modest! I am the queen of modesty!

I was at the “grand opening” of a tiny cafe where a band was playing. The lead singer was hitting on me, to the point where it was becoming embarrassing. (At first I thought it was just my imagination, but when I heard my friends snickering, I knew I wasn’t imagining things.) Then he sang Pink Floyd’s “Wish you were here” and my friends would say things like, “Come on, go sing with him!” and everybody cracked up. It’s now a running gag. It doesn’t take much to amuse those friends of mine. :wink:

Once when I was about 15, an old guy (in his 70’s) said I’d be beautiful when I was older. I told him I didn’t want to wait that long. :smiley:

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Ooooooh! If a man ever said that to me, I’d be his. I like that one a lot!

The best compliment I ever got was that I was like a cross between Marilyn vos Savant and Xena, Warrior Princess. Strange, but it works.

I have green eyes, and I get a ton of compliments on them, but I never get sick of hearing them. :slight_smile:

Sealemon88, I have those color-changing eyes, too. I don’t know if it’s just that they’re mostly grey and tend to reflect the colors around me, or if they truly do change from grey-blue to light blue to dark blue, but I’ve had enough people tell me that they look different all the time that I believe them.

My name. Every now and then–and ever since junior high–someone tells me I have a pretty name. Not what you see here on the board so much–just my first and last name: Laura Conaway. In fact, I remember the first day of 8th grade choir when the director was taking attendance and calling out names. When she called mine, a soprano from the opposite side said, “Oooh, who’s that? What a pretty name!” Weird, but oddly flattering indeed. Considering I hated my name as a kid, it was rather uplifting to hear.

My boyfriend likes my sternum. Oh, sure, he’s a big fan on what’s on either side of it, but he also just loves the smooth flatness of my sternum. Random, but I’ll take it! :slight_smile:

Finally, I was exiting a grocery store when a homeless man asked for help. I gave him some food from one of my bags; when I handed it to him, he seemed to reach for it in slow motion, the entire time looking me in the eye. Once he had the bag (never breaking eye contact), he smiled and said, “You’ve got pretty eyes.” Not an unusual compliment normally, but how he said it was both flattering and a little spooky for me.

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