Strange, emotional moments, what was your last one?

Mine was this afternoon. Not the best of timing either.

I had an interview for a job this afternoon and while waiting for the interviewer in the lobby, one of the secretaries listened to the radio.

About 2 minutes before I was called in “Danny’s Song” comes on the radio, and I burst into tears! :eek: :frowning:

I don’t know what happenned, the words, the music, I don’t know, but suddenly I found myself sporting one of this big lumps in my throat, tears runnign down my cheeks. I totally lost controll. I tried to wipe the tears away but that lump just wouldn’t go away. Luckily I managed to regain my composure in the nick of time.

So has this ever happenend to any of you fellow dopers? (or am I just weird?) And if so, tell me about it :wink:

Driving to work one day a few weeks ago, I saw this girl walking her dog in the park. It was a gal I used to be dog-walking friends with, and I realized I hadn’t seen her since my dog died last June. I started missing my poor dog, and suddenly I completely lost it. Just totally broke down right there in traffic. I had to pull over for a few minutes and get myself together.

Ahem actually I’m a little verklempt thinking about it right now.

I ordered the special edition DVD of the Band’s “The Last Waltz” concert and documentary. When it arrived I browsed through the chapters to get to Joni Mitchell’s performance of Coyote. I guess about half way through I just started to cry. We used to listen to that album, and watch a grainy, worn video of the performance, a lot when I was younger and living at home, and my parents were still together. They split up a couple of years ago. I didn’t expect it to have the effect it did. In fact, count me in as being a bit upset just thinking about it again.

I was listening to California Dreamin’ freshman year of college and just lost it in my room. I was alone (I don’t think that contributed to it). Just completely lost it. Tears stung my face down to my neck. I could barely see to type. I still don’t know why that happened.

I know, OTOH, why I reacted to seeing a particular type of animal cracker, and why I reacted as I did to both Darrell Green Day and seeing Patrick Ewing’s jersey retired (the former I knew would happen, the latter I happened upon on television). I’d grown up around boxes and boxes of this type of animal cracker at my grandparents’ (lived maybe ten minutes away from them for several years), then I hadn’t seen them for several years. I still have the box I bought at Toys R Us (it’s a small box, but the kind I used to think were huge). It’s downstairs, unopened. At some point something got stuck to the bottom of it, so it isn’t pristine, but I don’t care. I have it. I have no plans to eat any of them ever. It’s just … something I have. The crackers, if they haven’t already, will probably go stale before. long. Doesn’t matter one iota to me. I got them for what they represent, not for eating.

I didn’t expect to see them in the check-out line at Toys R Us, and I didn’t expect to spend half the ride home crying for a reason I couldn’t identify (best I can figure now is it reminded me of my childhood in a rather mixed-emotion sort of way). I didn’t expect to be bawling like a baby watching the retirement ceremony for Patrick Ewing’s number. I expected to feel a loss, but I didn’t expect for it to be so much that I’d barely be able to speak. And I didn’t expect to be bawling like a baby watching Darrell Green’s last game (against the Cowboys, and a game they won against that team for the first time in a few years), and especially the pre-game things.

The most recent, however, was nothing short of bizarre. fizzy and I had gone with her stepmother and stepsister to watch The Butterfly Effect. There were about four scenes totaling about a minute where I almost lost control of my emotions (on both ends of the scale). When the movie ended, something in me just let loose and I was crying something fierce for about five or ten minutes. I still don’t know exactly what that was; it hit like a ton of repressed memories.

Thanx for sharing guys, keep 'em coming! :wink:

iampunha you’re story about the animal crackers immeadiately brought to mind a particular scene in Amelie, where

she returns a small box to a man she doesn’t know filled with little trinkets from his youth.

As the men weaps, I always cry along with him.

A couple weeks ago, I went to see the film Big Fish with a young lady of my acquaintence. During the last 15 minutes of the flick, I found myself crying like a little girl, even though I knew perfectly well I was being manipulated. Had something to do with having lost my father to cancer some time back.

My date hasn’t gone out with me since. Oh well, so much for sensitive males, I guess.

I’ve probably got the title wrong, but two weeks ago, in the car, listening to Bohemian Rhapsody, I totally lost it. You know the song…“Mama, just killed a man, put a gun up to his head, pulled the trigger now he’s dead…” I just started thinking about how awful it would be to have a child of mine come tell me this, and the tears began to flow. I’ve noticed lately that a lot of songs I loved as a teen have entirely different meanings now that I’m the parent of a teen (well, they’re both adults, but only legally). Some songs I thought of as fairly innocent have some really distrubing lyrics that I never noticed before…and we’re talking 70’s pop here, not rap.

My other “guaranteed to have an inappropriate crying reaction” moment is whenever I see my doctor, even for a sore throat. Last time I saw him (just to get bloodwork to renew a prescription) he asked me how my daughter was doing, and I burst into tears that lasted a good 15 minutes. And she wasn’t even causing me grief that week! I think it’s the combination of past history and talking with someone who is supposed to care for me, in the most general sense of the word. But this happens every time I see him, even if I’ve been happy for weeks. Somewhere in his files he must think have written “cries continually” and I think he’s worried about my mental state, because I have to then convince him that I’m really not depressed!

The last time I had a really emotional moment was when I saw the Futurama episode Luck of the Fryfish.

At the end, when Fry reads the etipaph on his brother’s grave, and he put the shamrock back, and they started playing “Don’t You Forget about me”, I just started tearing up. Now whenever I hear the song, I start tearing up.

While talking to another Doper in IMs about personal matters, a wave of melancholy and longing swept over me. I’m pretty sure the conversation were having was what triggered it but it was just odd to have it happen then, when what we were talking about was nothing to get sad over.

I talked it over with her and got things right though. She’s a good friend.

My dearest treasure in life, my granddaughter, was confirmed (a Christian relgious ceremony) tonight. This particular child has always been special. Just after my father died, we found out that she would be coming into our lives in seven months. I was there when she was born and we bonded from the beginning.

The music accompanying the Processional was the music I had chosen for the Recessional at my father’s funeral – Ode to Joy. And there she was in a long white dress – fourteen years old and radiant.

At one point in the service, she turned to face the congregation. In my line of vision, she was standing directly beneath the lights of the candles in a candelabra that was behind her. The lights reached a high point in the center and descended on both sides. It looked like a crown of light over her head.

It took my breath away.

I get emotional at movies and TV shows more often than I do in real life these days, which I think is a good sign about my life. My latest incident of total bawling took place during Sex and the City when

Samantha was diagnosed with cancer. Several incidents, including her and Smith shaving their heads, really got me. Probably this is due to my mom dying of cancer, and a close friend right now having chemo and having to shave his head recently.

El Kabong, I too wept openly during Big Fish, and I’m not the least bit embarrassed about it. I wish you didn’t have to be either; if your date can’t admire your ability to show emotions, who needs her?

I get emotional during odd moments while watching TV and movies. I once had to fight back tears during an episode of ST:TNG watching Data’s reaction when a young boy who had decided he was an android (IIRC his parents had recently been killed and this was his way of coping with the loss) told Data that he had decided he was human after all.

The most recent unusual one was when I was listening to Bette Midler Sings the Rosemary Clooney Songbook. One of the songs on it is This Ole House. I had listened to the CD before, but this time it hit a little too close to home - it was about a week or two before Patti died. :frowning:

I’m not good at showing or feeling emotion for the moments which get to most people: sad movies, dying relatives, etc. I’m too good at holding the agony at arm’s length, and this is probably not good for me! That’s another thread.

But whenever I’m caught unaware by some moment of intense natural beauty, like sunlight on low foothills while the higher mountains above are tangled in blue storm clouds (like yesterday afternoon), or rays of sunlight cascading down between the trunks of massive redwood trees, or seeing a clutch of bumblebee-sized quail chicks trailing after their mother, etc., etc. – that’s when I tear up helplessly.

Oh, yeah, well, I wouldn’t say I was embarrassed exactly, but I was a bit surprised at the strength of my reaction. In any event, it’s nothing I had any particular control over, and frankly I was glad to learn that I’m still not completely dead to the world.

Maybe I shouldn’t have been that surprised, anyway. Now that I think about it, I teared up big time at the end of The Iron Giant and that was a frickin’ cartoon about a frickin’ robot, for (er) cryin’ out loud.

Years ago, I worked at Universal Studios Hollywood (the theme park) in the merchandise department. The big store by the main entrance was always showing movies on a big projection screen, and Babe was one that got a lot of play. Every time it got to Babe wrangling the sheep, followed by “That’ll do, pig…That’ll do,” I teared up. Every time. Once a visitor asked me what was wrong, and when I told her, said, “But haven’t you seen it enough times to get, like, numb to it?”


Only time I cried from a film was at the end of american history… i won’t spoil it (don’t know how to do boxes)

I understand.

My wife and I will be staying at my brothers house for a night. We use his place as a stop off on the way to the airport, and he used to watch our dog ‘Alpine’ (Chocolate Lab) for us when we took a trip. Great brother, great dog.

Last August, the dog passed on.

My brother had a mattress at his house that Alpine (our dog) slept on. Not an old ratty thing. A perfectly good mattress that he would cover with a blanket and quilt and that was were Alpine slept when she was visiting. She loved it. When my wife and I went on vacation, Alpine vacationed at my brothers house. It gets a little hot in Denver so he would set up a blow up kiddy pool for her.

My wife and I will be needing to spend a night at his house in a few weeks. As it turns out he will have a guest that will be using the bedroom we normally do. I suggested that we can just use Alpine’s mattress (it’s a double).

He freaked out and said that no one will ever sleep on the bed again. It’s Alpine’s. Shit, Alpine was my dog.

It proceeded to a point that we were on phone, but we where so broke down, missing Alpine so much that we could not talk.

I’m am crying now as I write this. I really do miss that dog.

Wow, what a weird night. Yes we both had had a few two many beers.

Mine happened during a sentencing for one of my clients Friday. I’ve been a lawyer and public defender for nearly 17 years, and it takes a lot to get to me these days. One of my clients pled guilty a couple of months ago to an aggravated assault against his wife- he shot her in the arm. The DA was recommending prison time, we wanted probation, so we had a sentencing hearing. The judge who had the case is very pro-prosecution.

 My client was, at the time of the shooting nearly two years ago, an undianosed bi-polar.  He and his wife had just lost two children- their oldest and youngest died within months of one another from illness.  There was a lot going on with him.  He had the gun to kill himself, his wife tried to get it away from him, he threatened her, she ran, he shot.  

 I was trying to get accross to the judge that this was an isolated incident, my client is on medication and therapy now, his wife is going to counseling wtih him, etc.  I had his wife testify, she doesn't want him in jail, she sais that the meds have given her husband back to her.  When she was talking about their children dying and not knowing what was wrong with her husband, it really got to me, and I started choking up.  

 When it came time for me to actually argue the sentencing, I was crying so hard I had to ask the judge to give me a moment to collect myself.  The bailiff handed me a kleenex, and I soldiered on while I was crying.  It shocked everyone, including me, that I got so emotional.  

My client got probation, with some very strict conditions, including continuing to take his meds and continue with his counseling.  

 After court, the judge told me that I've destroyed my carefully cultivated tough-bitch image.

During Return of the King I really got choked up during the scenes involving Arwen and Aragorn. When everything was bathed in white light and they have this ethereal music going. Especially the scene where their child runs to Aragorn. I guess being a new parent (well, for a year) and all, that really got to me. Maybe being in a dark theater made me loosen up a bit. Terribly corny, but there it is.

Not as intense as most that have been mentioned, but mine was while watching my 17-year-old daughter walk down a corrider and out of sight, on her way to have both jaws broken and put back together properly. Thinking/feeling:[ul]
[li]I may never see her again.[/li][li]How small she looks . . .[/li][li]If something happens, I will always know that this wasn’t absolutely necessary, but in a way I forced it on her.[/li][li]Children never really grow up in your heart, do they?[/li][/ul]The operation was supposed to take about 1¾ hours, but we were called to the surgery information desk after a little more than an hour. Fortunately, there was nobody there with a “look of sorrow” on his/her face (turned out that she went through the procedure in a flash), but it took some time for my stomach to unknot.