Strange Firefox problem.

Using Firefox ver 26, Win XP SP3.

Just now, for some inexplicable reason, all my contact lists, when I am writing a new email, are suddenly in reverse alphabetical order. I can’t figure out what I did, and can’t find a way to get them back.

When I open my Address Book, they are in proper order,

What did I do and how do I fix ix?

Is my computer possessed?

How are you seeing the contacts in the composing screen? I only see contacts if I begin to type a name and then they are in the order that comes closest to that name.

Never mind, I figured it out. On the right side of the Name bar in Contacts is a little down arrow I never noticed before, which reverses the order. I must have some accidentally clicedk in that before.

All’s well that…

What do emails and address books have to do with Firefox?

Good grief! Nothing of course.

Obviously I should have been in the Thunderbird forum. All I can do is plead old age as an excuse. It should be a valid excuse, as I’m 86. Well, actually, 86.5. :smiley:

Sorry about that.

Can a Mod banish this stupid thread before it reaps more confusion?

No! I want to know why burning foxes driving Thunderbirds are looking for my address and are getting it backwards!

Seriously, most database-type listings in Windows can be sorted by clicking the headings, and sorted between up and down order by repeatedly clicking (sometimes the heading itself, sometimes a little box of some kind). It’s useful but can be annoying if you don’t know what’s going on.