Strange inspirations.

A few years back I decided to take a break from my usual weekend activities running a youth outdoors/camping group. I knew at the time I would need something else to occupy my time.

*Completely *out of character for me (introvert) I got involved with a local theatre production which was being run as a community inclusion project. All up there were about 70 people involved ranging in age from about 8 years old up to 80 and at least two people with Downs syndrome as well.

After 7 months of acting classes and rehersals we put on 15 performances of The Madwoman of Chaillot which were pretty well recieved.

A heap of fun was had but a lot of friends asked me how I got involved - to which I usually answered that I “Just wanted to do something different.”

I can now reveal that the insiration to do drama came from watching the Family Guy episode The King is Dead. :smiley:

The timing was perfect, I watched the episode, thought - “I could do that!” and happened to find an ad in the local free newspaper about the theater project (it’s possible booze was also involved).

Anyone else?

An episode of Hell’s Kitchen inspired me to become a vegetarian. It was May 2, 2008 - I was watching the episode on my PVR so it probably aired before then. Anyway. It was the one where Chef Ramsay made the contestants think they had to kill their own chicken. He brought the knife down in front of his chicken’s head and said “Not these ones, you tools! But them back in their cages!!” I finished the episode then Googled “How to be vegetarian.” Haven’t eaten meat since.